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SC allows TVS to manufacture Flame

Supreme Court and Bajaj Auto today decided to agree to TVS Motor’s offer of allowing it to manufacturer TVS Flame, on the condition that the motorcycles would not leave its warehouse.

This latest ruling comes in the ongoing dispute between Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor on the use of twin spark plug technology for small capacity motorcycles. Bajaj Auto currently holds a patent for manufacturing twin spark low capacity motorcycles and had filed a case again TVS for manufacturing and selling TVS Flame, which too uses similar technology.

While the Chennai High Court had ruled in favor of TVS Motors, last month. Bajaj Auto had challenged that judgment in the Supreme Court. Both companies now have two months to file a reply to Supreme Court.


  1. Bajaj is about a hundred years too late to have any ethical standing in this argument

  2. Balachander says:

    Bajaj is crying like a little child.

    “Mummy this boy took my pencil”

    Technology can be adapted it will produce new innovation to the world.

    Bajaj is highly idiotic. If they are too strict about adapting the technology then they shouldn’t produce 4 stroke engine developed by Ford they should produce their own engine right from the scratch

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