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Scooter for geeks

One thing every geek likes is to be able to take their gadget and stay connected where ever they go, so why should touring be any different?

Recently Thought Lab got under the hood of a Yamaha Vino Scooter and made it the ultimate two wheeler for geeks.

So what does that little scooter contains which makes it the dream toy of every geek on the planet?

Here is small run down on the tech specs:

1.2GHZ Mini-ITX VIA EPIA Motherboard
1Gig of low Profile RAM
SolidState Flash Based 2GB boot drive
Blue Tooth Adapter Support
Wireless Cellular internet card
Laser Keyboard
8″LCD Touch Screen
Electric Guitar PC Uplink
TV Tuner/FM Radio Tuner
30db Wireless antenna with a 3 mile wireless range
FM Transmitter to broadcast your own radio station
Garmin GPS
High Resolution web cam

The only question we have for the Thought Lab is, is it waterproof or does one need to run for cover at the slightest hint of rain?

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