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Scooters and Motorcycles to cost more in Delhi

Delhi Government in a move to discourage use of personal vehicles, has gone ahead and raised road tax applicable on two wheelers which cost more than Rs. 25,000 i.e. pretty much every petrol powered two wheeler.

While the two wheelers costing below Rs. 25,000 would attract the same two percent road tax, two wheelers costing between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 would now have to pay four percent road tax, while two wheelers costing more than Rs. 40,000 would now be levied six percent road tax.

This means if you are buying Honda Unicorn Dazzler in Delhi, instead of paying Rs. 1260 as road tax, you would now end up shelling out Rs. 3780!

honda unicorn dazzler

While we would have been alright, had the Delhi Government raised this tax in an attempt to arrange for more funds to improve the quality of road and parking situation in Delhi, however raising tax in the name of encouraging more people to use a public transportation system, which is already overloaded and on the verge of collapsing, is hardly a wise thing to do.

After all, the main reason majority of people like to commute to office on their two wheelers in this sweltering heat is due to the fact that they know they cannot rely on the public transportation system!

In fact going by the way Delhi Government is raising taxes (they recently raised VAT on Petrol) in highly inflationary economy, it seems either they have fallen into large debt due to Common Wealth Game preparations or just don’t care about the general public.

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  1. delhi govt. sucks.

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