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Shell launches Advance VSX4 and Advance SX4 engine oils

Shell Lubricants yesterday launched two new products; Shell Advance VSX4 and Shell Advance SX4 10w 30 motorcycle engine oils in India. These have been uniquely formulated to keep the engine clean, giving better responsiveness straight out of the bottle, thus facilitating enhanced efficiency and fuel economy of motorcycles.

Shell Advance VSX4 is specially designed for riders of high-powered bikes who need superior oil to protect and keep bike engine clean in all types of road conditions. On the other hand, Shell Advance SX4 10w 30 is suitable for modern, touring, classic and seasoned bikes and for bikers who depend on their bikes for everyday use.

According to Mr. Donald Anderson, Country Head – Lubricants, Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd., “Two- wheeler sales in the country have surged in recent years and the annual sales of motorcycles in India is expected to cross the 10 million mark by 2010. The share of motorcycles has increased over other two-wheelers in the last few years. We are endeavoring to bring the latest global technologies in the lubricant industry to this segment of discerning customers who value powerful performance and fuel efficiency.”

“Motorcycle engines are almost twice as powerful as those in sports cars, liter for liter. That’s why a consumer needs oil that is different from car oils and that is dedicated to bikes to provide the best wear protection. Our successful technical partnership with Ducati Corse helps us test our engine oils in extreme conditions of the race track. We will continue to bring our global range of products and expertise to the Indian market in the future as well,” he added.

Shell Advance VSX 1OW-40 (Semi-Synthetic)

It is a premium semi-synthetic lubricant exclusively developed for 4 stroke high powered bikes, providing superior performance and excellent engine protection.

— The oil retains its viscosity for longer and reduces oil consumption
— Prevents clutch slippage and enables smoother gear change
— Provide excellent engine protection and performance
— The special formulation prevents clutch slippage and reduces clutch sticking after cold starts

It exceeds the requirements of international specification (API-SL and JASO MA) and all Japanese and European bike manufacturers

Shell Advance SX 1 OW-30 (Fully Synthetic)

It is a unique premium quality engine and gearbox lubricant based on a high viscosity index mineral oil suitable for 4-stroke motorcycles that recommend 10W 30 grades.

— Keeps engine cooler and cleaner for a longer period of time
— Superior protection for incorporated gearboxes, preventing wet clutch slipping
— Gives very goad protection and increased response from the engine
— Specially formulated to highs ad deposes, keeps the engine and gearbox clean and provide excellent oil film strength against metal to metal contact
— Available in different viscosity grades to meet the various climatic challenges from cold winters to hot summers


  1. i need 2 convert the engine oil for honda-unicorn from the given manufacturer oil .as we have 2 change for every 3000km. whr as synthetic 6000km is good enough. ineed the proper grade oil which is kindly give the reply

  2. Try Motul 300v, it exceeds your bike’s requirement, but it is quite good and is used by a lot of bikers I know.

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