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Stunner stuns Bajaj Auto’s growth!

Honda Stunner has done it again, after setting the sales charts on fire; it has managed to help propel Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India’s (HMSI) sales by whopping 35% in November to help it dethrone Bajaj Auto as the second largest two wheeler manufacturer in India!

While Bajaj Auto’s sales dropped by a whopping 53% in November (compared to November 2007) to 82,919 units in the domestic market, Honda managed to sell 94,222 units in November.

Head of Honda’s south west Asia operations, M Takedagawa, said, “The fact that HMSI has emerged Number 2 in November shows that our efforts to reach out to customer are paying off… HMSI has been in India for six years now and we have been expanding our dealer network to reach more customers in smaller cities. Our increased supplier network has also helped us deliver superior products at reasonable price.”

While Bajaj Auto is hoping to counter this by launching 6 new models in the first half of 2009 and is counting on recently reduced prices and easy finance schemes to lure the customers back (report).

Whether or not Honda would be able to retain the no.2 spot in the coming months is something that only time would tell. However the next few months are surely going to be quite interesting for the Indian two wheeler market…


  1. The sales figure are not from stunner but its from Activa this is how HMSCI is fooling people, Stunner is hardly seen on the road.

  2. Launching Stunner with 150CC engine will be the best option,
    go for it HONDA

  3. yup! launch stunner with a 150cc engine would definitly pull back the sales of pulsar and CBZ extreme. Come on Honda!can u hear us!!

  4. its not hmsi fooling people its bajaj auto fooling people by selling low quality bikes thats why many people are going for hmsi bikes and scooters.

  5. Melroy menezes says:

    Way 2 go honda.its a matter of time before honda is th no 1 bike maker in india.

  6. Actually activa is only selling from honda factory.Stunner visually
    nowhere being seen on Indian roads.Its a flop according to Bangalore Honda dealers (Privately told) due to low end performance, and high cost of spares.
    Bajaj has been loosing their tempo on well made pulsar hence loosing out to TVS.Instead of designing better pulsars with L.Cooling they are mindlessly fighting with TVS for sparkplugs.Infact bajaj should take Honda to court for copying Eterno from Chetak 4S.Honda has copied
    to the maximum.
    Also Bajaj should realise Honda plays game better by bribing Bajaj marketing guys to reveal Bajaj sales strategy on spares service etc
    Believe me at Honda they are having all the details in hand .


  8. Hey the bike stunner looks cool.nt like bajaj pulsar which gives more and more maintenance. Blody bajaj…bajaj fools

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