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Suzuki GS150R features, specifications and photographs

Suzuki Motorcycle had launched the all new GS150R in India on the 23rd of October (press release of the launch), it is latest entrant in the very competitive 150cc segment and brings to the table a fresh look and a new 150cc four stroke engine with six gears (the only motorcycle in India to support it after the Yamaha R15 and RD350).

Suzuki GS150R Features:

150cc Engine with a new design: The 150cc engine of GS150R has been designed with a focus on acceleration performance in the low-to-mid range speed, which is most important in city riding. This ensures that you always enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride with the new Suzuki GS150R.

Engine balancer technology: In other motorcycles, vibration generated from inside the engine by the vertical motion (inertial force) of the piston and rotating motion (centrifugal force) of the crankshaft, is transmitted through the handlebars, seat and footpegs to the rider. The engine balancer technology in Suzuki GS150R seeks to minimize such vibration in order to deliver a more comfortable riding experience. Moreover, the balancer system is quipped with balancer-driven gear fitted with a rubber damper for reducing the impact noise generated by its meshing with the balancer-driven- gear.

Digital Speedometer with dual modes: Presenting the world’s first eco-mode-equipped rpm indicator. The unique GSX-R-inspired engine rpm indicator glows to give an indication to the rider about the optimum up-shift timings. The latest unit features a new, selectable two-mode (Eco & Power) function to cater to a wide range of riding needs and conditions.

Sporty Style Headlight: The stunning powerful headlight of GS150R with built-in positioning light is inspired from Suzuki’s international Superbike GSX-R. it has been designed to give GS150R a very distinct look.

LED Tail Lamp & Integrated Rear Turn Signal: The super-sleek, streamlined aerodynamic shaped LED tail lamp and integrated rear turn signals based on the styling of GSX-R takes the style quotient to the next level.

Suzuki GS150R Specifications:
Engine Type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC
Bore x stroke (mm): 57.0 x 58.6
Displacement: 149.5cc
Max Power: 13.8bhp @ 8,500rpm
Max Torque: 13.4Nm @ 6,000rpm
Compression ratio: 9.35/1
Carburetor: BS26 with TPS
Ignition: CDI
Starting: Electric and kick
Transmission: 6-speed (1-down, 5-up)
Tyre front: 2.75-18” 42P
Tyre rear: 100/90-18 M/C 56P
Brake front: Hydraulic single disc
Brake rear: Drum
Fuel tank capacity: 15.5 liter
Overall length: 2,095mm
Overall width: 775mm
Overall height: 1,120mm
Wheelbase: 1,340mm
Ground clearance: 160mm
Seat height: 790mm
Dry weight: 134 Kg
Curb mass: 149Kg
Colors: Candy Max Orange (YME), Metallic Flint Gray (YUB), Candy Dark Greenish Blue (YML) and Pearl Nebular Black (YAY) (photographs of each color are provided below in the same order.)

Suzuki GS150R wallpapers (Click to enlarge):


  1. Thanks for all of your valuable suggestion. I am going for the Grey metallic one……….

  2. I’m planning to buy a new bike of 150cc range .. I’m planning to choose Suzuki GS 150r , pulsur150… so please guide me …

  3. I’m planning to buy a new bike of 150cc range .. I’m planning to choose Suzuki GS 150r , pulsur150… so please guide me …fast i am waiting

  4. Dear Pramod, you can read & study here above all the things in this webpage. here is nothing extra to post new.


  5. Amit says right views about every things related to all bikes who competent with gs 150r.

  6. Hi Guys,

    I bought Suzuki GS150R-Metallic which is amazing one. Awesome to drive especially in long drive 🙂 .

    It is giving 59* KMPL so guys you can blindly choose the new product of Suzuki.

    Surya.. 🙂

  7. Just want to add some more thing in this.

    1) The gear shifting system and all very smooth (before driving this I drove all the bikes) one, its like cutting the butter 🙂

    2) The LCD display which will attract all the people also the time display in it worthfull.

    3) willnot get back pain

    Before buying this, am also have some doubts and queries. But now NO worries. I Love my bike.

    guys who owning enjoy the ride, who are planning to buy Just drive and enjoy B-) 🙂 😉

  8. hai guys iam planing to buy suzuki gs150r by ths week i like to know the top speed of ths bike if any one tried really

  9. I rode it 110 km/h on highway.

  10. well people r always abt pick up of de bikes…let me clear u …suzuki gs has gr8 initial pick uponly not a mid range n high range pickup like of yzfr15..they says they ve reached 117kmph in gs150r bt i ve done 119kmph in fz16 118kmph in p150 n 115 ik ph in unicorn ,,no need of 6th gear n power mod for these bikes…suzuki fucks n its design is sporty bt too ugly kindaa

  11. for me cbz xtreme is gr8 bike ..i reached cbz xtreme o to 100kmph sprint in jus 12 seconds n i ve reached 118kmph in it..i love this superb pickup in o to 100kmph segment can competee wid p180

  12. warnin clutch plate of pulsar r very poor..not durable…if want gr8 pick up then relase ur clutch at 7000rpm frm stopping position n continiously change gear aftr 9000rpm n lean down in 5th gear aftr sometime u ll see ur speed 115kmph above dude

  13. wait unicorn is commin in 175cc segment…with back footrest n 3pcs handle not 2pcs…5th gear mannual ..n unbreakeble 16.5bhp n engineer has flashed out tat its pick up is very difficult to handle upto 2nd gear..0 to 60 in 4seconds n 0 to 100 lessthan 10secs wid topspeed of 128kmph by commuter..hop it ll come soon..unicorn real sport 175cbf

  14. This is to Draggers- Either u dnt have any knowledge on bikes or u want to prove that ur bike is the best.. FYI Suzuki GS 150 is now a succesful bike. its been exactly 1 yrs since this has been launched and its picked up very well in the entire country and people r happy. i have driven arnd 13,000 KM. Pick up is awesome, only less that FZ and Apache RTR. better than P150 and unicorn. FZ lacks power in 3th and 4th gear. But GS does well always.. FYI again, most of the guys do not know the importance of 6th gear and talk utter non sense. Gear is just not for speed. U can ride a bike at the speed of 30 km/hr in 1st gear and the same speed in 3rd gear. the difference is the RPM. Once the gear is increased, the RPM reduces. So more acceleration can be given, hence the speed can also be increased. less RPM also means less fuel consumtion.
    GS has the best mileage in 150 segment and believe me guys, its very consistent.
    No problems.. Design is cool for riders.. Very ergonomic.. so no backaches.. looks is an individual choice..
    BTW r u sure unicorn went till 115 km/hr and not 116 or 117 km/hr?? it has analogue speedometer.. just check that out again dude…

  15. I agree with Deb I have done ~ 12600 kms till date on my GS150R.. I don’t know about other bikes.. but on the highways I have seen only big Pulsars and Karizmas or R15’s overtaking me…

    Till now I have seen a top speed of 120 kmph (5th gear).. In GS the top speed is achieved only in the 5th gear… on the 6th top speed is only 105 kmph… By the way the top speeds I mentioned above might be more.. bcoz I run out of road every time I try to find out the real top speed..

    No doubt Unicorn the nearest a good bike.. but its UGLY and boring.

    GS has much more features.. and the 6th gear ofcourse… which makes highway cruising a great experience.

  16. i have taken this my first bike and loved it at the first site

  17. I realy like this bike. it is such a cool bike for new genaration. But i want to know, where is the suzuki bike service center in kolkata. if there is any one, then please inform me by sending a mail in my side.

  18. Since last one week i m checking every bike from CBZ-X, Apache, Yamaha FZ to Unicorn, today i went to Suzuki showroom and checked out GS150r and trust me i m impressed with the Features and the looks but i m a family man and want a comfortable bike for double ride i have Unicorn in mind but my heat says Yes to Suzuki GS150R

    the question i have about GS150r is about engine people say Honda engines are more reliable than any other so anyone have to say anything about this please suggest.

  19. Honda engines are much reliable because they will be as smooth as the new engine even after many years
    even though i own a hero honda bike and a unicorn i have good comments about the hinda engines.

  20. hi guys,

    I am herry from Indonesia.It is a nice bike.when will it comes to my country?I can’t hardly wait to ride, I ride The Thunder 125.


  21. This is a fantastic bike i took test ride and going to own this bike by June ……This is an excellent product from the world fastest bike(haybusa) company……i have trust and full confidence on the company suzuki…the bike just super……with extraordinary looks ……..i will post comments on this bike after owning it…

  22. Hi Guys,

    My bike mileage down to 40Km/Lt after first service can anyone please suggest what may be the problem!!!??? ur help is much helpful

  23. HI GUYS,
    i read many of ur comments……
    well i also like many others have GS150 and Unicorn in mind and from dec 2009 i checked out the comments of all bikes and finally i am left with these 2 bikes.
    let me tell how would i use these….
    i might ride 30-40km per day and once in a month or 2 may take a long ride.
    now dont tell me 2 switch to some other lower cc engine….
    well i m most concerned will b on MILEAGE, MAINTAINCE COST after some 4 or 5 years and RELIABILITY OF ENGINE AND OTHER PARTS.

    unicorn lacks some qualities compared to GS as told by u guys. but also for a long term i m asking u guys. plz choose for me a bike between these 2……..

  24. addition to above comments,
    i am 70kgs and 5.8.
    can i handle it in traffic……..

    i ll b eagerly waiting for ur response friends…….

  25. I have owned this bike for more than 6 months now and done about 5000 kms no doubt it is a wonderful bike, however some minor problem which is bothering me…. I really dont know if the mistake is because I not used to 1 down and 5 up gear system ? or there is a genuine problem.

    Issue : What happens is sometimes when in movement ( 2-5 kms speed or from neutral to first when trying to move from stationary condition ) the first gear does not fall, on the second attempt it will work. and when moving from first to second also I have seen this problem it goes to neutral rather than 2nd gear…. may be I might have to press the gear a little harder..not sure…. this issue also appears when moving from 2nd to 3rd gear…. sometimes the 3rd gear does not fall… on multiple presses it will work… not sure again why…. but when moving from 3rd to 4th, 4th to 5th and5th to 6th is all fine…. I have not faced any issue.

    It might be a small correction the way I drive or so… this issue does not happen everytime… but happens occationally and hence cannot reproduce it to show it to the engineer… hence asking people if you also face similar issue… else some suggestion on how I can overcome this will also help… Awaiting Experienced advice.


  26. Hi guys,

    i own this fellow in the 1st week of this month. My comments….
    u’ll feel the macho wen u sit on it n take the handle. Comfort is no more comparison in it’s class. Thank suzuki for 6speed transmission. Handling is superb.compromise wid engine sound. Heavy but fairly balanced. i had enough drive experience with other bikes in it’s class like pulsar,unicorn n cbz. hmmmm but initial pick up is comparatively low. i can tag him “Mileage wid performance n looks”

  27. nishedh juyal says:

    Suzuki GS 150,looks attractive,stylish and according to will be great competitor of other running bikes in will definitely attract people,…………………

  28. hey guys….

    am from chennai and i took a test drive two days back… lemme pour wat all i felt about this bike wen i rode it. (i have driven UNICORN enough so i may compare GS with unicorn at some instants.)

    1) best ride comfort juz like Unicorn
    2) less vibrations even if you over rev it @8000 and above rpm… the noise increases but not the vibs.
    3) it was heavy to handle at first but went on well after few mins
    4) i had a pillion and even at low speeds it didnt hiccup @ 3rd or 4th gear. (unicorn has this problem.. )
    5) gear shift was very smooth but the heel shifter looks ugly. am gonna cut the rear end of it wen i buy this bike.
    6) OVERDRIVE 6TH gear…. the best thing it has. GS becomes smoother like no other bike. unicorn loses to GS here. many said its useless but it makes feel like floating wen you cruise at the apt rpm..

    greatly impressed by this bike.. waiting for the new version (with new graphics and modified silencer cover)….

  29. Well said aeroboy. You have very good sense of bikes as you were able to identify all the goodies of GS in just a single test drive and you went as far as revving till 8K!. About the heel shifter, all office going commuters will know what a single lever shifter can do to their shoes. It has an odd shape but its been designed to minimize the time required for up shifts and down shifts. I guess everyone would like to keep their heel a little up on longer drives. Its just a matter of getting used to it.

  30. hai frnds,

    I am a little bit confused in purchasing of 150cc bikes either Unicorn of 150R suzuki

  31. I am Santhosh from Bellary

    plz help me in purchasing of new bike I had test drive of 150 R GS suzuki, which made me very happy in testdrive, so please give me your valuable advise for let me to get it.

  32. sanjay yashwant mahajan says:

    I am Sanjay from Nashik have been using the GS 150 for the last 4 months…now its time foroil change so please suggest a suitable oil for my bike engine for the best possible performance…also send me a couple of options just in case of unavailablity of any one in the local market…

  33. hai buddy,

    no comments please

  34. I bought this bike………. i wil always fly in the road with this bike,engine is so smooth gives me more pleasure,i cant hear the gear shifting sound….TRUST SUZUKI and buy this bike(GS 150R),EVEN APACHE 160FI,PULSER 150,HONDA STUNNER FAILS TO OVER TAKE ME AND MY BIKE…….. BUT I LEARNED ONE THING WHEN I RIDE FAST MY BIKE GAVE ONLY 47KMPH PER LITRE SO I DECREASED MY SPEED TO 60KMPH IT GIVES NEARLY 59-60KM PER LITRE……..

  35. My friend, it does have self starter.

    Praveen bhat

  36. Guys, i own dis bike for d past 1 year, i have not found any probs wioth the engine, i drive 75 kms a day on the highway, i’ve touched 120 kmph on 6th gear on eco mode, i’ve not used d power or normal mode yet, i knw dats foolish, but i will soon….n i jus wanna know… bike has tube tyres………..was it supposed to be tubeless tyres……….?
    i tot dat was how it was all dis days…….until a one and half inch nail pierced my tyre……..n i get squeaky sounds on my back tyre often

  37. @Buvanesh
    Topspeed of 120 Kmph can be achieved by maintaining the throttle closed for quite some time. The bike has a commuter style seating position and handle bar to think that you have achieved 120 kmph gives an idea how stable the bike is even at such high speeds despite of its design. I too have tried to test the top speed of mine, top speed on 5th was 112 and 6th was 113, the speed might have gone up if I kept the throttle closed for some time. The top speed reported in various sites were in that range so i decided not to trouble my ride.

    The Eco mode, power mode, or no indication mode are just provided to inform the time for optimum gear shift. If you are looking for good fuel economy gear shifts need to be done at 4500 rpm and when you are looking for maximum power gear shifting should be done at 8000 rpm. If you know what you are doing then one can disable the notification by changing to normal mode. The Power mode or Eco mode has nothing to with the power since no fuel mapping is varied in those modes.

    All GS150R comes with 18″ MRF tube tires, on moderate speeds or usual road conditions these tires are all what we need. 18″ MRF Zapper tires are available in tubeless are available for those who does offroading. Michelin M45 and M62 Gazelle tires will be advisable for those who rides in slippery conditions.

    If you have done over 10,000 K its better to change the tires as you travel some distance on a regular basis.

  38. i wanna buy suzuki gs 150 r .plez i am in trouble coz suzuki is just lunching n i am in afraid abouts its performance n durability..
    jeewan koirala

  39. @ Jeevan

    Suzuki is not a novice in motorcycling and when they launched GS150R to compete with Unicorn. Its been over an year after launch and updated once. It is now a tried and tested model and definitely the spares will be available for many coming years.

    GS150R is currently the value for money product in 150CC commuter class. The engine is loaded with balancer shaft to minimize the vibration at higher rpm, Suzuki Jet Cooling System which jets oil to cool engine parts and these gives great performance and reliability. The fuel economy comes in the range of 50-55 even in city conditions and gives 55+ in highway riding. The other distinctive feature is its digital console, which is the best in the class with analog tacho meter.

    The seating position is typical up wright position .Handle bars are high and end weight are given to minimize vibration in handle bar. Considering all these features GS150R will be a good choice.

  40. pradeep kumar says:


    Bike is very good.

    But model is very simple.

    Please update good model like as apache then people like this more.

    Please send your comment.

    I will wait your comment.

    I am waiting also a good model from suzuki like as apache.

  41. Hi Guys,

    ( All you Oldiees owning the bike for more than 6-8 months )

    I feel Suzuki’s GSR 150 was launched about One and half year ago and we all have proved that this is a wonderful bike by providing our experience with this bike… What is more is GSR 150 also provided itself by winning the Bike of the year for 2010 !!! Now

    I guess now it is time to start discussing about any issues Minor / Major from each one’s experience and how you got it fixed. This will not only help people who in resolving some common problems by adapting the solution but also to help gain confidence on the Bike….. !!! Would appreicate Bike experts to share some goot biking tips on how to improve performance, Milage, Little fine tweeking etc etc … to help People overall !!!

    What do you guys say… !!! Suggestions welcome !!!

  42. I will add the first Tip myself.

    Tip 1) Well, I used to hold the clutch and press multiple gears up and down and had no issues in KB 125 ( driven it for 10 years ) but if I do the same on GSR 150.. I guess the gears might not fall properly… hence I was adviced to press and release the clustch every time you change gears …. 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd and so forth…

    Praveen Bhat

  43. haiiiii,,,,,
    i want to know when will the suzuki slingshot will
    launch in showrooms………..
    and what will be ite price??????
    please tell me
    its a dazzling bike,,,,,,
    i die for it
    please tell me the details

  44. I am confused about which bike to purchase in the 150 cc segment. I want mileage as well as good looks along with low maintainence cost. which bike should i purchase- cbz, unicorn or GS 150R ??
    plz reply soon

  45. Hi..
    I am confused whether to buy GS 150R or new Pulsar 150cc ..
    my req is
    Milega, power , Looks and comfortness.

    Please help me .


  46. for mileage n comfort go with GS150R.for looks, comfort,mileage go with yamaha is far better than pulsar.

  47. Suzuki GS150 R is a Japanese wonder !!

    –> 6 th gear ( all knows the difference between 4 gear bikes and 5 gear bikes , the engine feels more comfort in TOP GEAR )

    –> Digital console meter ( new generation )

    –> Heavy look ( bigger bike than apache – pulsar- unicorn – cbz )

    –> Smooth drive ( no sound and no vibrations from engine , really smooth drive at all speeds )

    OTHER BIKE IS NOT COMPARABLE WITH IT !! just drive it crazy !!

    all the best

  48. hi friendz i bought a new suzuki gs 150r is more ride..and with a good base height and gives a brilliant look…and itz 6 speed gives thrill …enjoy!! the ride frndzzzzzzzz

  49. Is the top speed only 120k but u guys lucky with the fuel consumption overall compared 2 other 150cc bikes iv pulled all the 150cc bikes but only fz touches 121k

  50. If u dont mind fuel go for fz it has all the things other bikes don hv ul hate the feel of pulsar n unicorn once u ride a fz

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