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Suzuki to launch Hayabusa in India

Suzuki Motorcycles India has finalized plans to launch Suzuki Hayabusa in India in September.

“We will launch the bike in the first week of September,” said Atul Gupta, vice-president, sales and marketing, Suzuki Motorcycle India. “The demand for big bikes is actually more of a hype. Cumulatively these bikes sell only about 400 units per annum and we don’t expect volumes as well. Along with the GXR we will probably do 150 units per annum.”

suzuki hayabusa

According to Suzuki, besides the 105 per cent import duty, lack of infrastructure is also a big deterrent for growth. “India is not the place for these bikes. We don’t have the roads like they have in developed countries for them and it is not fun to ride them at say 70 km per hour,” Gupta said. “We are nevertheless launching the Hayabusa because it will showcase our strength as a bike manufacturer. Moreover these are already available in the grey market so we might as well legalize them.”

Suzuki Hayabusa when launched is expected to be priced at Rs. 11 lakhs. Yamaha already sells Yamaha R1 at the similar price in India.


  1. We cant blame the manufacturers , the people to be blamed are the people in power at centre.105% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats RIDICULOUS!!!
    whats the purpose of putting such high import duty?!!! ,to protect the local manufacturers???!!!!! which company (indian) is making an sports bike?? ,none!!!!!.The only purpose of putting such high duty is greediness, so that they can eat the money we pay as duty.
    Anyway if they think they can put such high duty on bikes ,so that they can take money from ppl with black money, what about the avg indian bike lover ?,who dreams of buying such a bike atleast once in his life time and is saving for it??.We indian tax payers are suckers ,plain and simple!!. We pay tax on our income and if we dream of buying such bies we have to pay 12,00,000 for a bike priced 5,00,000 Rs else where.

  2. i personally feel that 105% tax is too much. hayabusa costs only 11999$ in the US. that is it costs only 420000-450000. so y is suzuki putting up high rates such as 1100000rs in india? it is much too much.

    i sincerely hope that suzuki will reduce the rate or rather the imports taxes are reduced so that it is atleast possible to buy hayabusa. if suzuki is expecting to sell 150 units per annum, i really doubt it with the price they are releasing it.

    its outrageous!

  3. Harikrishnan says:

    105% tax is too too much and ridiculous. not only for me, for all bike lovers in INDIA especially for the fans of stunning h’busa like me… I’m dreaming this baby after seeing him rocking in DHOOM movie… Suzuki is right, indian roads are the 2nd problem for these bikes.. if it goes above 100 , we’ll lose 1100000bugs guys.

    the fact is that suzuki can easily manage the price very below than 1100000Rs, but y they are not willing to do it??..

  4. Harikrishnan says:

    U know what… these attempts of these foreign manufactures are great even if the price is high… we’ve lot of bike manufactures here.. for what??.. no one tried to make these kind of bikes for us.. we,average indian bike lovers are adjusting with some series of pulsurs,karismas and modifications.. so we must go after those foriegners losing lacs and crores…

  5. huh……..105% duty!!!!!!!!!!…..what is the use of buying a product for which you are paying so much heavy duty and then also you can’t take joy of riding it coz i dont think there is any road in india where you can drive it…… forget it…..

  6. i have owned a hayabusa so i can say 4 sure that nothing compares to it. 105% import duty is killing. but i hope the suzuki dealership ties up with the banks to give loans 4 this beauty. this way the company will b able to sell more units and upper middle class indians can think of buying it and not only the uber rich.

  7. I want to know how much approximate price of HayaBusa in india.
    And in Maharashtra where is any dealer or sales counter of this bike

  8. im totally crazy bout bikes but man i dont think i wud b able 2 purchase d mean machine coz suzuki is launchin at a very hefty price,
    an even our government taxes n custom duties r so much v cant even think of importing these bikes.
    n d condition of roads also dont suggest 2 buy these kind of bikes

  9. I need this bick heee haa haa haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. the fucking 105% tax is 2 much

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  12. i feel dat import duty should b fucked off 4m the track

  13. Guys do not put the blame on the government neither to ourself but its just because of some crooked mentality businesmen in SIAM-Society of Indian Automoblible Manufacturer who have implenented the policies and impoesed it to government for their own benefits… non other than BAJAJ… the duty was levied some what round 1990’s or before i yet dont remember when Bajaj was the only scooter manufacturing company in INIDA. This prevented the open market for the imported automobiles… I could not understand why people like them donot have the infastructurer to manufacture these type of model yet they are preventing others to market freely…

  14. Gianetan Sekhon says:

    We, the consumers/customers need to form a pressure group for this kind of atrocity of 105% import duty. Govt in India and also elsewhere are deeply controled/influenced by cartels/lobbies. Reliance,Baja,Tatas, Modis are the case in point. The question remains how should the like minded guys/bikers get together and generate torque.

  15. rajon ahmed says:

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  17. its the story of India every thing is fucking expensive cars, bikes etc.
    collecting tax is good but govt should make the roads and infrastructure that we pay for, but no instead they keep sucking the blood of working class man…….
    and yet still we call it incredible India LOL 🙂

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