The N.E.R.D.s

Don’t worry we are not going to talk about technology or science, we are talking about an RD group from the National Capital Region who call themselves N.E.R.D.s i.e. NCR Exotic RDs.

Mr. Sumit Mehndiratta who founded this group a year and half back, a property dealer by profession and a tuner and restorer of RD 350s by passion says, it is the passion for the legendary Yamaha RD 350s that bring them together. Every weekend the group gets together for a round of chit chat followed sometimes by a dash on the fabulous National Highways and Express ways and a few of the group members even go for long rides on their RDs, which as you can guess from the photo given below, are in immaculate condition and often painfully restored by the owners with the help of Mr. Mehndiratta.

Photos by: Salil U.

Couple of RDs you see in the above photo are Stage 2 ported and a few of them also use modern disk brake setup at front and rear to aid in braking. Owners of these RDs might be Doctors, business men and working professionals, but when they meet they are bikers bounded by their love for the legendary Yamaha RD 350.

Seeing so many RDs together and that too in such an immaculate condition was heartening to say the least. Kudos to these biking enthusiasts who have taken such a pain to keep the name of this legendry and India’s only Superbike alive.

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  1. I’m an ardent RD fan. Please let me know how do I get in touch with Sumeet?

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