Product Review

Top 1 Action Motorcycle Engine Oil

Top 1 Action is a 20w50, JASO MA 2 and API SJ grade motorcycle engine oil, meant to be used in motorcycles like Bajaj Pulsar 220, 180 and motorcycles from Royal Enfield’s stable.

top-1-action-engine-oil While Top 1 Engine Oil isn’t well known in India, it is an American Engine Oil Company and the engine oil itself is supposed to be imported from US and at the same time, is priced quite attractively, despite being a synthetic blend.

While the engine oil performance is decent and it is roughly on par with Motul’s 3000 4T Plus, it certainly lacks in performance, when compared with Motul 5100 4T engine oil. With Delhi’s temperatures rising and engine oil getting a little over 1000km old, I have started to notice slightly stiffer gear shifts (didn’t notice it when I used it the first time around in winters). Additionally engine oil consumption is a little bit more than both the Motul variants.

Leading me to believe that although Top 1 Action is a decent performing engine oil and chances of one coming across counterfeit engine oils in case of Top 1 is quite slim due to it’s market share, Motul twins still rule the roost and are a better option, if they are easily available near you, if not, then you can certainly use Top 1 Action engine oil, though depending your motorcycle and usage, drain interval might be slightly shorter.

Of course it is another matter that Motul Engine Oils cost more (significantly more in case of 5100), but then again, our bikes deserve that little bit of extra pampering for all the abuse we throw at them.

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