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Track your motorcycle online

MapmyIndia has launched a GPS tracking device for motorcycles and scooters in India.

Called Rover Bike Tracker, MapmyIndia’s GPS tracker can not only help you determine the location of your two wheeler, but also the speed at which it is traveling at.


There is also built-in locker to store your driving license, RC, insurance and PUC online, with insurance and PUC validity alerts being displayed on the Rover Bike App, when their renewal date is near.

Rover Bike is a motorcycle-tracking device, the latest offering from MapmyIndia. Rover Bike can be fitted on any two-wheeler using a plug-in type installation at any MapmyIndia store. Installation of Rover Bike does not tamper with the warranty of the motorcycle and scooter.

Rover Bike displays maps and location details with the help of a built-in GPS and Internet connectivity. Once the installation on a motorcycle or scooter is complete, customers can access all the data on their smartphones. The maps show turn-by-turn directions to the bike, estimated time of arrival and also location sharing.

The Rover Bike app is free and available across all platforms (iOS, Android and Windows). With the Rover Bike app, customers not only can track the position of their vehicle but also monitor their speeds. One also has the options of viewing pre-recorded information. This device would be a great help for fleet owners, couriers and parents.

Other features include:-

Alerts of ignition on/off
Pollution or insurance expiry due.

All of this is sent to the owner through the mobile app, email and SMS. It can also store electronic copies of driving license, registration certificate, insurance policy and pollution certificate etc.

Rover Bike can be bought online or through the MapmyIndia outlets in the country. Product and technical assistance will be available at bike dealerships and accessory shops that deal with MapmyIndia products across India. Rover Bikes comes with a warranty of 12 months.

Priced at Rs. 3,990 for the device and SIM and Rs. 2,400 for the tracking service and email alerts (SMS alerts have to be bought extra). This is an excellent app for those running courier companies or renting out motorcycles. Since it helps you keep track of your two wheeler in real time and even alert you if the vehicle crosses pre-specified geo-graphical area eg. ventures outside city limits.

Of course for wives and overprotective parents, this could be a great tool as well ;). More details can be found at

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