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TVS Motors overtakes Bajaj Auto?

After loosing the number two spot to Honda Motorcycles, it seems there is more trouble in stored for Bajaj Auto as the December 2008 sales figures come in.

Bajaj Auto’s two wheeler sales are down 33% to 119,215 units, against 177,249 in December 2007 and this is despite a 43% growth in exports.

Here are the numbers:

Bajaj Auto 2 wheeler sales: 119,215 units, down 33% from 177,249 in December 2007

Bajaj Auto 2 and 3 wheeler sales: 142,163 units, down 29% from 199,470 in December 2007

Export out of the above: 72,744 units, up 43% from 50,702 in December 2007

Bajaj Auto’s total domestic sale of 2/3 wheelers in December: 142,163 – 72,744 = 69,419

TVS Motor total two wheeler sales: 89,285 units, down 7% from 97,576 in December 2007

Exports out of the above: 16,930 units

TVS Motors total domestic sales of 2 wheelers in December: 89,285 – 16,930 = 72,355

Based on this, following is the figure for two wheelers sold in the Indian market in December 2008:

Hero Honda = 215,931 two wheelers

Honda Motorcycles and scooters India: 94,082 two wheelers

TVS Motor = 72,355 two wheelers

Bajaj Auto = 69,419 two and three wheelers!

Although this figure is not 100% accurate, since Bajaj Auto does not specify how many units of two and three wheelers it has exported.

However based on our calculations, Bajaj auto has gone down from the number 2 spot to the 4th spot in Indian two wheeler market!

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