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Valvoline 4T Premium 20w50 Engine Oil

Recently we got our hands on Valvoline 4T Premium 20w50 grade motorcycle engine oil and decided to put it to test on our Bajaj Pulsar 180 Classic and took it on a 712km (one way) ride from Delhi to Udaipur.

While the ride to Udaipur was mostly tame and Rajasthan hasn’t yet gotten as hot as it normally does during summers, long riding hours and 100+ km of city riding ensured that we got a good feel of the oil and could watch it through various phases of its life.


valvoline 4t premium motorcycle engine oilAccording to Valvoline, Valvoline 4T Premium is synthetic blend engine oil and exceeds Valve Train Wear and High Temperature Performance Characteristics of API SM and is recommended for all 4 stroke Bikes & Scooters. Since it meets and exceeds API SM and JASO MA2 standards, it exceeds the requirements of all the four stroke motorcycles on sale in India, which demand 20w50 grade engine oil.

Well that sounds good on the paper; let’s see if it has what it takes to dethrone Petronas Sprinta 4T 2000, our current favorite 20w50 engine oil.

Immediately after we changed the oil to Valvoline 4T Premium, we noticed that the gear shifts had become stiffer and engine was also slightly harsher, which was kind of surprising and at the same time, disappointing. However the more kms we clocked, the smoother the engine and gear shifts became. In fact by 150kms, characteristics of the engine oil had changed considerably and engine felt as smooth as it did with Sprinta 4T 2000.

Gear shifts however were still a bit stiffer, but considerably better than earlier and remained the same till 900+ kms, when we finally decided to drain the engine oil.

At the time of drain, Valvoline 4T Premium was performing well enough, though oil consumption was slightly higher than other engine oils on our old resident motorcycle. However the good thing was that the oil hadn’t lost much of its viscosity and was capable enough of meeting the normal oil change interval of our motorcycle.

Having said that, even though Valvoline 4T Premium trumps Petronas Sprinta 4T 2000 on paper, it isn’t able to do the same on road, where the Sprinta clearly has an edge over Valvoline 4T Premium and thus still remains our favorite.


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  4. suggest me which engine oil is better for hero honda passion(2005)

  5. I guess any 20W40 oil will do for your HH Passion! Or rather just stick to the oil that the Service Centre uses.

  6. This oil is good…I had used it in my Pulsar, but doesn’t suffice longer drain intervals. In fact if I have to compare- its a subdued version of the Motul T5100.


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  9. Thaks for your information, i need to use Valvoline, can you please help me to find Valvoline Premium in Bangalore, Karnataka

  10. 150cc which is best engine oil

  11. Abhishek Verma says:

    Dear Tester,

    u have not give any fact based testing figure. Atleast u should have told the viscosity of the oil once u drained it.
    Ur comparision is all bogus.

  12. I have RAVI PIAGGO 125cc 4 stock motorcycle. I want engine treatment oil for low noise, increase engine life and best engine performance guide me pl.

  13. good performance valvoline synthetic sae20w50 for my pulser 200.

  14. Manas K (Avenger 220) says:

    Hey there,
    Thanx for this review, but I am really confused after reading this…… Volvoline 4T is a semi-synthetic oil and U r comparing with Petronas Sprinta 4T 2000 which is a mineral oil…..and U r telling us that a mineral oil is giving better protection than semi-synthetic one….. R U kidding !!!!!……..

    Semi-synthetic oil is always better than mineral oil…….. this is my review.

  15. Each motorcycle reacts differently to engine oils and mine didn’t like Valvoline 4T Premium and it performed worse than Sprinta 4T.

    On the other hand, Motul 5100 4T performed brilliantly in my motorcycle and it is something I am using on a regular basis now

  16. N RAGHUPATHI says:

    it`s very nice engine oil,the sound is very smooth.

  17. N RAGHUPATHI says:

    nice perform to the bike

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