While you were sleeping…

While majority of the readers of Indiaon2wheels were fast asleep, we were busy burning up the midnight oil to completely overhaul the design of IO2W to ensure that majority of our readers wouldn’t notice any downtime whatsoever.

This is Indiaon2wheels’s third design overhaul in fourth year of operation and would not only mark our renewed focus on bringing to you, our reader, the latest from Indian and International Motorcycling World, but also ensure that we bring more value to our readers in form of contests, reviews, deals and much-much more.

With the design changes implemented and working to our satisfaction, we can now somewhat sit back and let you guys have a look at our more professional and better looking website. Of course being a new design there are chances that there could be a bug or two in the system, so in case you notice any, please let us know at [email protected] and also do let us know, what you think about the new design.

new design of indiaon2wheels


  1. Congratulations for your new theme I2w. The design is looking good. Its good that you guys have left the header image unchanged, this will help your readers to identify that they have landed on the right page, but it will be nice if it is changed in the future, because the new theme is superb but the header looks old. Regarding the bugs the date of the post is slightly moved down from its bg-image, might be because i am using IE-6. Other than this mouse hover images for the navigation buttons could have been better or atleast partition will be user friendly. For e.g. – “Articles Auto Expo 2010 Automobile Expo” could be better if they are like : “Articles | Auto Expo 2010 | Automobile Expo” (Just added a pipe symbol). That is it. Congratulations again.

  2. Thanks Bike Hunter for wishes as well as advice. We are planning to change the header soon to something much-much better and would surely try and work on the suggestions you have provided.

    Thanks once again…

  3. Gr8 work yogesh!!

  4. Thank you Suyesh

  5. Thanks for providing us such important updates about new bikes.

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