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Xelement riding jacket review

Xelement’s black and grey cordura riding jacket is made of 100% cordura fabric and has soft padding to protect the elbow, shoulder and back in case of a crash. It also comes with a breathable and warm full sleeve liner, which can be easily removed.

Looks wise, Xelement’s black and grey cordura riding jacket is quite a decent and sober looking jacket, a step up away from all the funky looking riding jackets, one normally sees in the market (good or bad thing, depending on your taste).


It has two vents on the chest, one each on the arms and two on the back to help riders keep cool while riding in hot weather and they do work well while one is on the move. However riding in Delhi’s (45degree Celsius) summer weather, during the day and especially in traffic, would be next to impossible and isn’t recommended, unless you are planning to loose a couple of pounds!

However this exact trait makes it a wonderful touring jacket for exploring Himalayas or to be worn in North India’s cold winter weather. In fact at 10-20 degree Celsius, you won’t even be using the full sleeve liner! Just make sure all the vents are closed and you are good to go. With the liner in, you are ready for a trip to the high Himalayas and Ladakh.

It also has reflective PU badges at front and back, to ensure that the rider is easily visible at night.


It also comes with enough pockets (especially once the liner is installed) to do away with the need of carrying a small bag during day trips, as one can quite easily carry mobile phone, digital camera, memory card, couple of spare batteries, mp3 player and wallet in the inner pockets. Which is a good thing, since the Velcro and zip protected outer pockets are a bit hard to use.

Overall I am quite satisfied with the quality of Xelement’s black and grey cordura riding jacket, considering it only costs US$ 69.95 (Rs. 3,534).


  1. ARJUN BAGGA says:

    Hi read your review I wonder what it must feel like wearing it in summer. But this jacket looks good. But not for summers must be very good for winters.

  2. In summer during day time and that too in city, it is good enough to work as a sauna and you will be sweating like anything. However in my case I normally start my tours in summer time during wee hours of morning 3-4am and by the time sun is fully out, I am usually in hills.

  3. From Where can i get this Jacket in Delhi….as i am to is planning to buy one for me, i have choice only of either Cramster or Dsg and Xelement seems to be well inder my budget so would u be kind enough to provode me with the address of the shop from where i can get it

  4. Vineet you would have to get this imported to India, it is not available locally. There is a guy called KMD, who can help you do that.

    Alternatively you can checkout jackets on offer at Chopra Helmets in Karol Bagh. Last I checked, they had Joe Rocket and Alpinestar jackets for almost the same price as jackets available from Cramster and Planet DSG.

  5. Thanks Mr.Yogesh for giving address of shop. I m looking for Riding Gears as i m planning to Tour Leh in next Year. I will be thankfull if you can give some more address for complete Riding Gear required for the Tour that too fits in my budget.


  6. Hello Yogesh

    I was interested in going in for the jacket from the leatherup website. just wanted to know if its worth it and any other brands withing 3.5k rs are availabe in india cramster is out of my budget.
    Please do suggest where I could buy a similar riding jacket.

    Thanks and Regards


  7. You can buy gear from ….

  8. Is this jacket hot to wear in the summer ?

  9. In the summer of Delhi (40-45 degree Celsius on average)? Yes!

    For 30-35 degree Celsius it is alright, as long as the vents are open, you do not have have a bagpack (hinders airflow) and you aren’t stuck in traffic.

  10. Hi,
    Is it good to withstand mild rains ?
    What about the armours ? You said those were soft paddings…Arent those CE approved fiber armours ?

  11. Strangely I haven’t yet faced rains while riding with this jacket, even though I used to face them on almost every one of my trips.

    I wouldn’t term it as armour as it isn’t as hard as plastic, however they are supposedly CE approved.

  12. brian howard says:

    What’s the best to clean your jacket?

  13. Road Rangers says:

    Well Dude I think that Cramster Jackets are still worth buying thou they are expensive but ther is comparsion against quality.
    I had a jacket purchased from KB but it lasted only three Years. Now Im using cramster I swear there is no comparison, i mean its better than DSG

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