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Yamaha FZ16

Yamaha Motor India has decided to rechristen Yamaha FZ15 ahead of its launch in India and has renamed it as Yamaha FZ16. Indianon2wheels brings you the features and specifications of the latest entrant in the competitive 150cc motorcycle segment, Yamaha FZ16.

Yamaha FZ16 features a 153cc air-cooled, carbureted, 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, 2-valve engine, which produces 14 Ps at 7500 rpm and 14 N.m. of torque at 6000 rpm. While the stopping power comes from the 267mm disc brake at front with twin pot calipers and a standard drum brake does the duty at the rear.

Yamaha it seems is looking to sell the FZ16 mainly on the merits of its look, a fact accentuated by not only the rather strange yet eye catching headlight, which flows well with the rest of the body work, but also the 100/80-17 and 140/60-R17 tyre combination, which would catch the imagination of lot of people.

However despite this, Yamaha has managed to keep FZ16’s curb weight (137kgs) similar to the 150cc segment leader, Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i.

Even though we suspect that performance will take a hit due to the rather fat tyres which only help in the looks department, it remains to be seen, how well the FZ16 performs as a complete package.

Yamaha FZ16 technical specifications:

Yamaha FZ16 Engine:
Engine type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Displacement: 153.0cm3
Bore & Stroke: 58.0 × 57.9mm
Compression ratio: 9.5:1
Maximum output: 14PS / 7500 rpm
Maximum torque: 14 N.m / 6000 rpm
Starting method: Electric starter
Lubrication type: Wet sump
Carburetor type: BS26
Clutch type: Constant mesh wet multiplate
Ignition type: CDI
Primary/secondary reduction ratio: 3.409 / 2.857
Transmission type: Return type 5-speed

Yamaha FZ16 Chassis:
Frame type: Diamond
Suspension (front/rear): Telescopic / Monocross
Brake type(front/rear): Hydraulic single disc / drum
Tire size (front/rear): 100/80-17 / 140/60-R17

Yamaha FZ16 Dimensions:
Overall Length × Width × Height: 1,975mm × 770mm × 1,045mm
Seat height: 790mm
Wheelbase: 1,335mm
Minimum ground clearance: 160mm
Dry weight/Curb weight: 126 kg / 137 kg
Fuel tank volume: 12 liters
Engine oil volume: 1.2 liters


  1. Subject: UNICORN vs FZ16
    Well As far as performance is concerned , unicorn engine & carburettor comes tuned for best mileage then pickup(Still the pick-up is too close to fz16). If you want more power you can simply get your unicorn carburettor tuned(from honda dealers only plz! ! ! !) for more power performance with mileage compromised bit by bit.And for more power blast just install a K&N AIR FILTER WORTH Rs.1800 IN NEW DELHI
    A SPARK PLUG NAMED “NGK-cpr9ea-9” ,
    open up your unicorn manual ,it is the one recommended by honda itself for extended speed riding and you can get it for around Rs.550 from HMSI gurgaon only.
    Now with above modifications you will get a power of 17+horse power(almost equal to karizma) and 45+ mileage (still more then fz16) and nothing will void warranty of your engine .
    LOOKS :
    Its the character of the bike that signifies super smooth and mileage efficient engine with comfortable riding position.(OBVIOUSLY
    You can easily get a fat tubless tyre for Rs.1500(rear)(ceat & mrf)
    get an engine cover of karizma max. cost Rs1500(not sure for exact cost)
    Steal some graphics from HONDA UNICORN GP EDITION (This bike is still not as mucular as fz16 but is more eye catching then fz16 just because of those graphics(AS I THINK IT SURE IS . . . .))
    YAMAHA FZ16:
    Its the rough and tough , raw character of the bike that we wrongly call it as Gud-looking(WE actually like raw character of FZ more then practical character of UNICORN)
    Both the bikes are equally gud-luking for me.
    The total cost of power packed unicorn(delhi on-road):
    58500 (bIKE)
    +1800 (AIR FILTER)
    +550 (SPARK PLUG)
    +1500 (TUBLESS FAT TYRE)
    +10,000 (MAX. TO MAX. Rs.5000-8000)(for graphics job)
    Yamaha fz16 costs Rs.72000 on-road (approx.)
    Power of unicorn IS NOW faaaaaar more then Fz16
    Mileage still a bit more then fz16
    Looks different(charater wise) , I like the character of fz16 more then unicorn but still i would say if i had to buy a bike again after my current 4 YEAR OLD UNICORN i would again buy a unicorn instead of fz16.
    Do comment on this review and i hope there will be many.

  2. Cum on guys
    m waiting 4 ur views on my above article
    what say ?

  3. Hi Vibhor,

    Offcourse both being Japanese brands one in pure racing (YAMAHA) and the other a mixed both racing and mileage bikes (HONDA)are equally good.
    I my perspective i think and believe it won’t be wise enough to compare the two. Offcourse HONDA’s engines are smooth and mileage driven (for India only) as the market demands, but do not forget my friend that YAMAHA word means racing, people won’t accept if there are any mileage bikes being mfged by this make( now being started to develoed but not gaining momentum as much).
    Due to the launch of FZ the sales are being significantly dropped for HONDA Unicorn and others too. This is the youth sensational, and what Indian youths were waiting for.
    About the mileage, as you have rightly said the average of this bike is bit more than u get with FZ. But the FZ is also giving the mileage of more than 48 kmpl.The thing you have described it as raw character and all, i don’tthink something of that kind, rather it is the only bike which has such a appealing and tougher looks than any other bike you find on Indian roads.Price of this bike is an issue, but when you get the looks, styling, power, a bit mileage also without any modifications why to go for these modifications???.
    I don’t understand what you mean by raw and practical looks of a bike.Ultimately FZ is a pure racing machine directly from factory and there are no modifications required as suggested by you for unicorn to make it eqvivalently powerful as FZ is…… i hope this is enough clarifications for the raised Q’s.

  4. hey there sandeep
    First thing
    Both the bikes are genuinely comparable dude, as you can see the whole of this page is filled with their comparisons by a gud amount of people.(and not only me)
    second :
    I also appreciate the technology of yamaha a lot , but as far as racing is concerned HONDAS cum under the category of efficient engines which takes less fuel to produce the same power that other brand engines can’t produce. And this is not all. Now i think i will have to write a full story about the a bike’s efficiency.
    The power produced by the engine is not recieved by our wheels 100%.Some of the power gets lost in gears, in transmissions , by the frame on which the engine resides(the frame also absorbs some energy of engine making it inefficient) , and at last but not the least the geometry of the drive chain and sprockets and the bike as a whole.If not taken care of these smal small factors an engine producing say 14 bhp could only deliver 11-12.5 bhp only to the wheels but if all these factors are well taken care of then an engine(honda unicorn) producing 13.3 bhp can deliver 12.5-13.25 bhp to its wheels but remember we can never extract a 100% energy of an engine. And when you get more efficiency of an engine it obviously wastes lesser fuel.
    3rd Sales of honda
    Well honda activa ended the productoion of other gearless scooters like kinetic honda , bajaj wave and i think all others.
    Similarly honda eterno ended the long story of bajaj chetak forever and ever.
    Honda unicorn when lauched forced the 150cc leader(bajaj) to do a make over to their bike getting it alloy wheels , broader tyres, gas shocks and everything else except their wobbling engine and the creeky gearbox.
    Honda is sticking to the usb of its technology and others are busy giving features such as digital meter consoles and blah-blah.
    No matter with the sales of unicorn , nobody has seen the future
    but what i can say is that this bike will never phase out .
    4th. Character:
    Well consider a splendor modified to the looks of hayabusa , now when it will run and the kind of noise its engine makes will make the bike look stupid(impractical) .
    I m trying to say the a bikes characteristic looks must compliment the characteristics of its engine .I can write a story on this also but i think you have understood by this much only.
    5.Modifications are for those who want to give a hint of there own personality to their bike also.If you feel ok while riding the bike that every1 else is riding then its ok . But if u want ur bike to look a bit different from others then u need custom modifications.
    No car or bike comes perfectly tuned for every kind of drivers or riders. The company makes an assumption for which types of rider they want to tune it by their hands. For further tuning they have created well trained technicians at their authorised dealers.
    chaos . . .. .

  5. hi vibhor…r u from honda……i also liked unicorn one year ago…but now the current upgraded version of unicorn is not upto the market competition….honda is putting the same old wine tat too in same old bottle….dont compare unicorn wid FZ….unicorn is truely a commuting bike….fz is a performance bike…..if u do modification then u hav to register it for insurance n something….

  6. it seems dat sum YAMAHA nd HONDA war is goin on ova here… both bikes r good products nd r made 4 different uses…. UNICORN is a normal commuter which offers smooth engine nd good fuel effeiciency while YAMAHA FZ16/S is made 4 performance biking….
    @ VIBHOR,
    bro u r talkin abt mods on unicorn 2 make it as powerful (or even more) as compared 2 FZ bt alwaz remember dat u hv 2 make lots of mods 2 match d stock product of YAMAHA nd anoder thing is dat d YAMAHa OWNERS CAN ALSO DO MODS ON THEIR BIKES 2 MAKE DEM MORE POWERFULL 2 OUT SHINE UNICORN IN ASPECT OF PERFORMANCE OR EVEN HIGHER CC BIKES LIKE P200…. jst tell me den how much u spend more 2 match d MODIFIED FZ…. when v talk abt a product v take in concideration d stock abilities of it nd not its modified abilities… plus any mod on d body ruins d handelin nd balance of d bike so on looks part if a unicorn wants 2 match FZ den it wud loose its handelin abilities nd dat wud b against d core value of biking….
    so b4 talkin abt d mods on UNICORN’S engine alwaz remember dat FZ’S engine can also b modified 2 produce more power….

  7. mazay mat lo yaar
    air filter and spark plug change karanay say na handling per fark padega na hee kissee aur cheese par.
    nd i recommended modifications only to fill the huge price gap of UNICORN and FZ16 . power upgraded unicorn would cost Rs.10,000 less then the same modifications done to fz16.
    If u want 2 compare d stck products then do compare their stock prices as well and unicorn is unbeatable at its price value , whereas FZ16 can be beaten by just kiddy mods on honda .
    i am not at all from honda , but my cousin brother is in honda and he forced me to wait for the launch of unicorn for 1 year when i was just about to buy p150 in 2004.

  8. aur bhai insurance kahan say enter kiddan

  9. PRASHANT says:

    @ vibhor
    bro i dont think dat d auto xperts r fools 2 rate FZ-16/S as best product in 150cc class (includin apache rtr 160) irrespective of cost difference with oder bikes… if u dont believe me den go through any auto magazine of jan-march period or go through websites of all leadin news channels where u cn find d auto shows episodes 2 see who d clear winner was… nxt thing dat came close 2 FZ was APACHE RTR160…
    ND D COST OF DOIN ALL MODS IN FZ WUD B SAME AS IN UNICORN… only FI engines costs more in modifications nd not d normal engines… u cn modify a SKODA 2 match d performance of a AUDI bt cud never get d charm of an AUDI…. same is here…. live in present bro…. i know its difficult 2 accept dat a new machine has taken over ur own product bt a true biker is 1 who admires d best 1 nd nt what he owns…. sorry if i hv hurt u….

  10. Hi Vibhor,

    Hey Pras, no one here is to hurt, this is just s block center to share the views, opinion.

    If u are comparing the price of FZ then the x showroom price is 65K, its onroad price increases, offcourse its difficult to digest, but s its the fact that to get the bikes like these as compared to others (HONDA’s specially Unicorn), is worth to pay.
    As writly said by vivek , unicorn is like a old wine in old bottle, even i had a made first choice togo for unicorn but comparing the looks, performance i went for FZ. I have beeen a crazy for Yamaha since Indian Rx100.

    Hey guys by the way did u see TVS is launching new RTR APACHE 180 cc
    colour- white with naked chain sprocket with same old looks again, but powered to perform, and the launch is in August’09

  11. vibhor garg says:

    No brother i am not a kid who gets hurt on such small things..
    secondly there’s nuthing you have said that could hurt me.
    And which xperts are u talking about.
    I am a regular viewer of WHEELOCITY( On ZEE Business) , CNBC AWAAZ OVERDRIVE( On cnbc tv18) , RAFTAAR (On ndtv) n sumtimes CHAKKE PE CHAKKA (on AAJ TAK).
    Whenever 150cc is under consideration ,Unicorn is highest rated for engine refinement and is said to be losing its hold due to lack of excitement as it doesn’t have led tail lamps, digital meter consoles ,tripmetre n sum other happening features.
    Even i think i was trying 2 hard on the above issues , so please do not create any more issues out of this .
    Thanx for ur views neways . . …

  12. vibhor garg says:

    rock on

  13. hey friends I got the delivery of my red FZ 16 today.But it was very difficult for me to opt between the FZ S and my byke,but finally I prefered for my first love.

  14. PRASHANT says:

    yamaha is cumin out wid dual headlight hafl fairin 4 FZ…. dese headlights r d same dat is used in their sports bike YZMZHZ FZ (FAZER) LTR CLASS…. so ppl now hv anoder optn while d looks of d bike is concerned….

  15. hi prashi,

    When its gonna launch?

  16. PRASHANT says:

    bike has been seen bein tested in noida few days back… YAMAHA ppl r testin d bike extensively… according 2 bike india (magazines) d bike might b called d FZ FAZER (as d sports bike is also known as FZ FAZER 1000) nd cud cum wid slightely tuned engine 4 even more better performance… u cn also fit dat headlight in ur fz

  17. himanshu says:

    hi prashant..
    well my fz gives me average below 35 🙁 … thts pretty less.. though me not rough rider.. i drive between 50 -60, around or below 5000 rpm.. got 2 services done.. 3rd service is on 5th june.. anything special do i need to tell them to increase average.. ??

  18. Hey guys,

    I have the same problem of avg , formerly i had said it that my fz is giving me 45 but now after 2 servicing it is 42. I do a lot of treks and take her on rough roads too, is this mattering and affecting avg???
    Also few kids torn my fz sticker , can i get a new sticker on left panel of tank???? or is there any other solution?
    plz help

  19. Hey guys,

    I have the same problem of avg , formerly i had said it that my fz is giving me 45 but now after 2 servicing it is 42. I do a lot of treks and take her on rough roads too, is this mattering and affecting avg???
    Also few kids torn my fz sticker , can i get a new sticker on left panel of tank???? or is there any other solution?
    plz help:)

  20. @ hinanshu
    check ur rpm bro, make sure dat it is on d same mark as mentioned in d manual. i hv said dis tym nd again dat mileage does nt jst depends on d speed u ride at bt also on d kind of roads,brakes u apply, air pressure in tyres, traffic etc…

    @ sandeep
    ur fall in mileage is due 2 d surface dat u r runnin on… it takes xtra effort on engine 2 run on uneven roads nd dats y d mileage has gone down… no prob bro d fall is jst a slight 1 so keep ridin on bad roads nd trekkin coz it gives ultimate pleasure… ride safe nd wear a helmet… t.c…

  21. @ sandeep
    sorry i 4got abt d sticker… bro even i dont hv any idea abt d avialbility of FZ stickers… u ll hv 2 enquire bat it… nd nothin cn b done 2 save ur sticker frm dose little rascals…

  22. Hi Pras,

    Thx for that , i checked with the showroom guys , they say that there is no seperate sticker available but it comes along with panel , which is a foolish thing.I’ll talk with yamaha factory directly in this regards.

  23. can u ppl tell me average u get on ur fz-16… mine is 33kms:-(

  24. Gaurav Lambole says:

    in my case it varies from 42- 46

  25. Hi Gaurav,

    Tum kaise gadi chalate ho yaar itna avg kaise de rahi hai bhai, meri to 33kms/ltr de rahi hai, but it was due to riding the bike in hilly areas it is bound to fall, prior to this it was averaging 44kms/ltr

  26. give me some tips too buddy ….

  27. bike is goog but lack speed

  28. Hi pras and guys,

    Can i stop the odometer reading as this is digital. One method is removal of the cable, is there any other method because i wanna travel to Ladakh from Pune on bike, so i wanted to stop the odometer reading is it possible??
    PLease help as early as possible. 🙂

  29. all u jokers who r claimin dat d FZ is a performance bike should get their facts rite !! in a straight line n in d corners an apache rtr 160fi will absolutely smoke d FZ . I am no FZ hater its just dat its a fact !! its true dat d FZ luks brilliant but wen a RTR will smoke u at d traffic lites you wont luk like d KING OF D ROAD as you guys claim 2 b . its true dat d indian companies may not b offering bikes as gud lukin as d yamaha but u guys forget dat actually dey offer a lot more tech of a very reasonable price n gettin d stylin rite is a matter of time !!!

  30. dear vibhor
    i read ur comments on modifyind d engine of a unicorn , wat u dont understand is dat modern day manufacturers design n build their engines n other components after considering a lot of factors . merely by puttin in an air filter n a spark plug will not increase d performance of d bike much . dat would require makin modification to d carb( fueling ),pistons , crankshaft etc to obtain a significant performance gain. also consider dat increased performance means more load on other components like clutch , gearbox , sprocket , chain etc as these components are not designed in isolation but in relation to the engine .also keep in mind dat all these modifications will reduce d life of ur bike as more performance means higher wear ( as the cycle parts were not designed for aftermarket modification ).U would hav to get d job done at a reputed wrkshop who know wat dey r doin to get a best results n even then d end result may not b wat you expected !! i hope u gained some insight frm my comments !! would like to hear frm u guys on wat u thnk !!

  31. @suraj
    well hv u actually ridden n FZ hard enough… RTR is a good bike nd no 1 cn differ 2 dis statement bt dis does nt mean dat FZ cnt b better, nd actually FZ is better when it cums 2 lower nd mid range performance which makes it best buy 4 city ride n its segment… even u cnt compare d straight line handelin nd turnin abilities of a FZ 2 a RTR… FZ is certainly far more better (u need 2 blame 2 d poor tyres of RTR 4 dat)… RTR though performes better dan FZ at higher revs nd gains a better top speed… RTR is a brilliant bike bt dat doesnt stop FZ being overall a better bike…

    @ sandeep
    pull d cables of odo out… dats d bst thing 2 do… ny waz best of luck 4 ur mamoth trip bro.. njoy…

  32. Hi Pras,

    Thxs for that , but bro my boss cancelled my holidays……
    But the plans are alive next year ….
    Plg to go to goa in Jan or Dec on Bike.

  33. hey this is husain i am riding yamaha fz since 3 months and have same 45 avg well there is no bike in 150-160cc segment 2 beat this monster well i street race and i hav taken rtr on every road ie traffic or straight line juz ensure u shift at proper time and there is good news 4 all speed freak fz owners the are racing kits going 2 be available 4 fz and r-15 from company so enjoy 2 the fullest lolz and kick off all the other bikes!!!!!!!lolz

  34. @ sandeep
    sad 2 know dat ur holidaz r cancelled… no prob bro keep up ur spirit nd plan 4 d goa trip… m also planning 4 a trip 2 eastern india… jst keepin my fingers crossed so dat every thing fall in place… t.c..

    @ hussain
    good dat u r smokin out other bikes bt make sure dat u wear protective gears (atleast a good qlty helmet)… nd d racing kits r out in d market so njoy and keep on d ass kicking fiesta….

  35. @ prashanth
    according to all the magazines which have pitted these bikes against each other purely as a performance bike the rtr fi takes the prize , its more exiting its faster it feels more alive . as for ur torque figs acceleration also depends on power to weight ratio , the gearing etc k . anyways theres no point arguing b’cos those luks have seduced me an i jus bought the FZS in black n yellow . so welcome me into the yammie family guys .

  36. Hi guys ,

    Did u see the new Fazer , boss to be frank i am thinking of selling my bike n go for the newer ones.
    Any reviews on this???

  37. @sandeep
    yaar body kit is available lagwaa lo baaki to wahi bike hai

  38. Hi sandeep! Fazer is FZ in new avataar. Except the front headlamp unit, rest all is same. one major fault is there which I think none of u knw. the twin horns are really excellent.

  39. guys saw the fazer and frankly our fz16 n fzs are much better value , better lukin 2 . d fazer is jus not worth the money dey r askin 4 it . com 0n 5 grand more for jus d front fairing . also the fairing is low while the seating position is upright and u end up lukin stupid . stick to the fzs .

  40. hey guys will adding a KnN filter to the fz improve the sound . dats the only thng dat has dissapointed me , it sounds like a honda activa off the line .i know dat air filters do make a difference to the sound , but i wanna know if any of u guys hav done it n is it worth it ?? pls let me know .

  41. leave the fazer its not worth it !! have u guys seen the r125 it luks jus amazing !! wen it is launched i am goin 4 it .my advise is wait for the r125 !!!!

  42. Gaurav Lambole says:

    Hi Prashant,

    I’m concerned about the chain of my FZ16. It is catching rust in this rainy season. Can you advice on how to maintain it best way? may be there are some lubs that can help preventing rusting…

    Please reply if anybody else knows about it…

  43. Suraj- R125 is not going to be launche din india at least in the near future..and even if does the cost would be far beyond your expectations. So forget about it :-).

  44. according to the websites the r125 is slated for launch in 2010 . n it will b cheaper than d r15 . it will b a sort of like is r6 to the r1 . r125 will b a smaller model . it should b in the 90k region !!

  45. hi pras,
    After long time meri bike ki chain is getting offently loose what should i do n its making a lot of noise and have sprayed the lub also tightend the chain.

  46. Prashant please tell me that how can i get a good mileage from fz16, because i want to buy it, but only because my friend said that he is getting 35 kmpl i am still not able to buy it.

    Tell me which one is best among these, please tell me mileage also

    Pulsar 150cc
    CBZ xtream

  47. december13th says:

    Hmm… i see people comparing the unicorn with the FZ16. Its the same doubt i had for months before going for FZ16 for obvious reasons (looks).

    Unicorn’s strength

    I have personally seen unicorn touch 115 kmph with pillion
    The engine is exceptionally good and reliable
    The bike is very very smooth and ideal for long rides
    Center suspension is great
    The handling is perhaps the best in all the Indian bikes to date (even on sudden breaks at 90kmph)
    Acceleration is not that bad and it comes alive after 80 kmph
    Mileage not too bad (55kmph in traffic conditions)

    Not good looking
    Been a long while since it had an upgrade

    FZ16 strengths

    Center suspension
    Superb looks
    Maneuvers like a shark. Ideal for traffic
    wide handle bar
    Superb grip because of the rear tyre
    Excellent torque
    0-60 in under 5 seconds (best pickup)

    Sprays water all over the pillion while ridding in rain
    Begins to puff and pant after 85 kmph
    No fuel injector
    Single engine
    Air cooled (I was hoping for a liquid cooled engine)
    Not ideal for female pillions with traditional dress or elderly pillions
    Too much plastic shown off as muscle 🙂

  48. @ sachin… try out apache rtr if u r nt too tall… anywaz mileage of fz is 42-45 kmpl… while dont xpect the counter parts 2 return u around 60.. 50-52 kmpl is wat u can xpect frm oder 150cc machines…

    @december 13… no offence bro bt wat differs both d bikes is d fun in riding… fz is fun 2 ride while unicorn has a sweet engine bt hasnt dat fun factor attached 2 its credit… another thing dat makes a big difference is d balance nd handelin… unicorn is good in both d aspects bt fz again steals d show here… ya i agree dat it cud b bit difficult way of transportation for elderly ladies nd oversize gal frnds…

  49. Hi people,

    Chain n sprocket of my fzee is making noise these days , the total running is 17000kms till now n d mechanic says i need to change d sproket n chain, do i need to do that , what is the life of chain n sproket…..

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