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Yamaha FZ16

Yamaha Motor India has decided to rechristen Yamaha FZ15 ahead of its launch in India and has renamed it as Yamaha FZ16. Indianon2wheels brings you the features and specifications of the latest entrant in the competitive 150cc motorcycle segment, Yamaha FZ16.

Yamaha FZ16 features a 153cc air-cooled, carbureted, 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, 2-valve engine, which produces 14 Ps at 7500 rpm and 14 N.m. of torque at 6000 rpm. While the stopping power comes from the 267mm disc brake at front with twin pot calipers and a standard drum brake does the duty at the rear.

Yamaha it seems is looking to sell the FZ16 mainly on the merits of its look, a fact accentuated by not only the rather strange yet eye catching headlight, which flows well with the rest of the body work, but also the 100/80-17 and 140/60-R17 tyre combination, which would catch the imagination of lot of people.

However despite this, Yamaha has managed to keep FZ16’s curb weight (137kgs) similar to the 150cc segment leader, Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i.

Even though we suspect that performance will take a hit due to the rather fat tyres which only help in the looks department, it remains to be seen, how well the FZ16 performs as a complete package.

Yamaha FZ16 technical specifications:

Yamaha FZ16 Engine:
Engine type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Displacement: 153.0cm3
Bore & Stroke: 58.0 × 57.9mm
Compression ratio: 9.5:1
Maximum output: 14PS / 7500 rpm
Maximum torque: 14 N.m / 6000 rpm
Starting method: Electric starter
Lubrication type: Wet sump
Carburetor type: BS26
Clutch type: Constant mesh wet multiplate
Ignition type: CDI
Primary/secondary reduction ratio: 3.409 / 2.857
Transmission type: Return type 5-speed

Yamaha FZ16 Chassis:
Frame type: Diamond
Suspension (front/rear): Telescopic / Monocross
Brake type(front/rear): Hydraulic single disc / drum
Tire size (front/rear): 100/80-17 / 140/60-R17

Yamaha FZ16 Dimensions:
Overall Length × Width × Height: 1,975mm × 770mm × 1,045mm
Seat height: 790mm
Wheelbase: 1,335mm
Minimum ground clearance: 160mm
Dry weight/Curb weight: 126 kg / 137 kg
Fuel tank volume: 12 liters
Engine oil volume: 1.2 liters


  1. r15 is anyday better…but fz16 is just trick use by yamaha to attract customer for r15… fz16 has just got the looks n nthg else… r15 is undonbtedly the best bike… but ppl going for fz16 stick u apache 160 n unicorn…

  2. sorry guys!!!!!!
    i myself have booked fz16… but yesterday i got confirmed news tht, its been a chinese product..all part n components used are from china… hence they are launching it at so cheap rate…its average is gonna below 24kmpl.. so its upto u guys

  3. mr rajesh… sum1 hs made u a fool (m sorry 2 state dis). all japanese prdcts hv been used in FZ. nd d bike vil deliver a fuel efficiency around 36 in city nd 48 on highwazz. nd if u hv ny confusion den simply cancel ur bookin…. YAMAHA is nt jst a bike co. but a name of trust dat all dyammies hv in it across d globe… v believe in it….

  4. Hi Venu,
    Congrats for the booking, I also booked this baby last month, waiting for the del. According to me the +ve & -ve pts. of the Byk are as follows:-
    Pos:- 1. Awsum design. 2. Grt frt.& rer. tyres(all tubeless redials) 3.Thick frt. forks & rer. monoshock for btr. handling. 4.Good torque fig. for city riding.
    Negs:- 1. Position of front num plate.2. Mirrors (same as gladi & alba).
    Lastly I want to tell YAHAMA is here to do business & not to sell cheap China made stuff which will eventually ruin its other grt. products like R 15. Think over it. After all YAHAMA is a World leader in Biking ind.

  5. Rajesh, i honestly think that you are the most dumbest person alive…….

  6. I went through FZ 16 Specifications @

    The Engine specification is similar to Gladiator but for the CC …

    Gladiator -> 123.7cc

    FZ 16 -> 153.0

    Hence got confused over its performance. If you know more details pls share.

  7. nafeez bhai…. it actually means dat both d engines r made on a same platform i.e same technology…. dont doubt performance of dis byk…. d main aim 2 bring d byk is 2 let d ppl feel a superb performance….

  8. Did anybody got Delivary outside Delhi ? Here in Kolkata the dealers are not giving any specific dates. Yahama need to look at the dealership aspect preety soon to gain the desired marketshare in India. I felt the dealers here aren’t professional enough to handle the wave created by FZ 16 & R 15.

  9. great coments from prasanth, rajesh and all other frends………. this is more like a group discussion betwn u ppl 4m diffrent angls… got gud knwldge abt this bike…i decided to take it yaar..
    bt the only confusion for me is its mileage….. keep the rate aside buddies ,,, wen compared to CBZ extreme wch 1 is better in mileage? jst clear me this

  10. prashu bhai, thanx 4 appreciating d work done by us. now cum 2 ur qstn… FZ is not a mileage oriented bike… d USP of dis bike its performance. u cn go 4 dis if u r performance lover… FZ will return a fuel efficiency of 43 kmpl overall… 36 in city nd around 48 on highways… certainly it doesnt sounds dat gud but jst ride it nd u wont ever ask abt d fuel efficiency… CBZ XTREME returns a better mileage dan FZ bt d fun on FZ is much more dan wat u get on CBZ xtreme…

  11. just two more months n yamaha coming up with its one of the best bike in the era.its gonna be indian version on Yamaha MT-10.its looks n power gonna be the key feature.price is gonna be below 85k. fisrt indian bike with 2 silencers

    yeah even i heard about yamaha’s new launch in this calender year..even coming up with ninja series with kawasaki.. price is gonna be 1.25lacs.check out the link

  13. Hiiiiii frnds !

    I want to know, Has any one ride this bike,..
    Has any one got it,.. THE FZ 16,..
    Please tell me if any one had it…

    Waiting for it !!!!

  14. I wnt to know some details which Yamaha has given,.
    Ny one know more than what Yamaha listed or told !

    And I want to know correct MILEAGE of this bike,.. IN City and On HIGHWAY !,

    Every one are saying this and that,.. this much ,.. that much,..
    What the HELLLLLL !

    Give me the correct MILEAGE of this BIKE ,…

    PLS !!!!!!
    Waiting for the Correct one !

  15. hai friends
    if u are i n a URGENT need of a bike then take unicorn otherwise its beeter to wait before geeting FZ. bcoz as time goes price also will come down and also we can know the flaws if any…
    me shuhaib if ny one like my comment mail me at [email protected]

  16. Thanks Prashant!!

    In Bangalore, I checked with one of the dealer for test drive, they told me that I have to wait till Next week for the same.

    This bike has adjustable Shocks so that you adjust for 6 different heights accroding to you needs. default is at the center

  17. yamaha,the king of dare u those guys copare the king with
    bloody pulsar,xtreme,apache….

  18. i challenge.which byk v/s yamaha’s masterpieces.rx100,rd350,rx135,
    atlast r15,fz16.which company can output these flymachines in india.
    we only have those byk’s with lessdan 100km/hr.only yamaha,the king
    will dare to answer this…..YAMAHA rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
    truely YAMAHA,you our lord touch our heart.

  19. fz16 is new generation bullock cart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the best guys…

  20. ust two more months n yamaha coming up with its one of the best bike in the era.its gonna be indian version on Yamaha MT-10.its looks n power gonna be the key feature.price is gonna be below 85k. fisrt indian bike with 2 silencers

  21. MAKE A WAY THE LORD IS ON THE STREET “YAMAHA Fz 16” fear is back wit the wheel……………………………….

  22. santosh… i ll pray 2 god 2 give u a sane mind so dat u cn think correctly… u r nt fit 4 ridin a yammie….

  23. hey santosh do u hv ne idea abt bikes?

  24. The dealership in Bangalore for FZ16 really sucks, after the inital booking they asked to wait for 20 days, and now after 20 days they say that we have to make the downpayment and wait for another week. just dont know where its getting upto..

  25. YAMAHA ROCKS………….

  26. just two more months n yamaha coming up with its one of the best bike in the era.its gonna be indian version on Yamaha MT-10.its looks n power gonna be the key feature.price is gonna be below 85k. fisrt indian bike with 2 silencer

  27. By the way first bikes to come out of the showroom is Oct 28th, day after Diwali. Thats what i heard from the Yamaha dealer in my hometown. So a very happy advanced Diwali Greetings to all bloggers and indiaon2wheels. Take care and drive safe.

  28. Hey, the first bikes rolled out today, most of us might have under-estimated this bike, on closer look, the detailing is awesome, walk in to a showroom and take a closer look, if you have cash in your pockets and if you are bike crazy guy / girl, I am sure you will fall for it. the styling is excellent and rather a complete sporty vehicle, the rear tyre is exceptionally wide, and tubeless, this will help you ride even when you get a flat tyre. the monoshock is excellent. Over all its a kick ass bike both feel and performance. Pulsar years are over, its FZ now.

  29. Hey guys and by the way, check for some more additions that yamaha is bringing into Indian market sooner, they are ready to take over the market with their products. I am sure its worth the wait.
    Note; all pulsar fans, you will not praise your performance machines anymore.

  30. hi…………..dis is an awesome machine……….i had already bookrd it nd it is said to be coming in da market on diwali

  31. Honda Stunner is definitely better from every aspect .

  32. Somethin’s surely wrong with madhukar………..
    How many of u agree?

  33. Hey! By the way has anyone got this bike cos i got a msg from Yamaha stating that there is a delay for another 4 to 6 weeks. Whats reality isnt known still, cos even the showroom guys dont have any idea. Does anyone have the exact date as to when we can lay hands on this beauty.

  34. hi,i was thinkin of buyin honda stunner bt afta seein the new yamaha fz-16 i finally thought of buyin the new fz-16 n i jus wanna know watz it real price in nepal.i would b more happy if u would do me a favor of tellin itz actual price in nepal.thank you

  35. hello big brothers i’m a 19yr guy,for me bike’s everything,i love speed,stunts,and style.i’m ready to go 4 purchase of 150cc bike but highly confused between pulsar,apache,fz16,hunk,and stunner in 125cc range,plzzzzzzzz help me out i need to get one before dec comes.I HOPE YOU’LL.REPLY QUICK

  36. hi abhinav. since u luv speed, stunts nd style den nothin suits u more dan d mean machine ‘YAMAHA FZ16’. FZ16 has got enormous torque at lower rpm nd dat gives u superb pick up. FZ has d best luks in d markrt nd besid dat it handles lyk nothing compared in d market. its a devine machine 4 all d stuntmen…. go for it nd dont think twice…. nd use protective gears…. a good qlty hemet atleast…. it wud hardly cost u around 3000…. ride a yammie… b a yammie…

  37. hello to all guys. i am puneet from chandigarh. i got the fz16 orangee in chandigarh. guys truly speaking this bike is awesome in handling and riding and the pickup power is also good. i think i can easily challenge pulsor 180 with mu orange yammi. i am a teacher here in chandigarh with young and smart personality .and i always spoke truth and truth is that ride the bike once and you will forget all the others bikes.and dont beleive me go for the test ride and my words will be seem true to you at that time.

  38. hi puneet! Congrats on getting your hands on the bike, rest of us are waiting for our turn. What are the extra accessories with this bike other than the saree guard, mirrors. Does it have crash guard? Do write in details.

  39. hi………today i got my flamy orange fz 16 its an awesome beast, it6s engine is so smooth

  40. m confused as 2 which bike 2 buy Apache RTR or yamaha FZ16

  41. Ronak Khokhani says:

    Hey Aakash can u giv me d details of d bike as in d comfort style suspension …n if u were to suggest then whch is better Honda Unicorn or Yamaha FZ 16???

  42. hello romi , there is no additional accesories for fz yet and even no crash guard. and one more thing i want to tell you all the dealers are delievering the vehicles to the customers from the back door(seen in chandigarh) so you all be vigilant. but whatever the bike is awesome and even i stopped driving my car, and loved to drive fz16. i love fast riding and the fz suits me . but i would like to have better bikes from yamaha with more power.

  43. hi puneet! Thanks for your reply. Backdoor delivery…… Is it that they are delivering bikes to customers who aren’t in queue and bypassing customers who have booked earlier. I think we have to be vigilant or the dealers are surely going to take us for a ride. Anyway thanks for the update. Enjoy your YAMMIE.

  44. hi there thanks for ur reply,so take care…….

  45. Mr Jaaro Ralte says:

    R 15,i think this bike is specialy made for ladies.FZ 16 rulzzz.can you make another version for biker boyzzz.the rear wheel is so small plus the tail.FZ16 is much more better for bikerzzz more than what you call R 15.

  46. raj both d bikes i.e. apache nd fz16 r gud , bt fz16 wuid b a better choice. it hs gt sum unreal torque nd certainly has looks 2 kill. plus no bike cn challenge d fit nd finishing of yamaha nd d same goes 2 its handeling. go 4 it nd leave everything behind…… ride a yammie… b a yammie… take care….

  47. hi mr jaaro. R15 is certainly nt made 4 ladies… i m nt sayin dat fz16 is bad… bt both stand in different league… R15 is a sports bike (an indian version) while FZ16 is a naked street fighter… if u go 2 d basics sports bikes r made 4 sum unmatched performance nd high speed which R15 actually delivers… dese sports bikes r aerodynamically made in sucs way so as 2 easily cut thrugh d wind… i know dat sum part of R15 luks ugly (its rear nd thin rear tyres) but dey work efficiently wid d need of d byk… certainly d seats cud have been better nd also d tail light… while naked byks r made 4 producin lots of torque 2 make wheelies nd helps in superb… even d luks is taken as major aspect of dese bykes… naked byks must have a biefy luks nd muscular body…. dats y u have got d FZ16 wid such body construction… nd technologically d R15 is miles away frm oder bykes in india… so take care nd njoy fz16 bt never under estimate d R15….BYE……..

  48. nd mr jaaro it takes a heart of a man 2 cruise at a speed of 135kph. plusR15 has made a bench mark in handeling, braking nd overall performance in d indian bike market nd if u still believe dat it is made 4 ladies den no byk in d indian market (except d enfilds, R1 nd MT01) is a male thing… think abt it…

  49. Hi Guys! Got my orange FZ16 yesterday. No words to describe how good the bike is. Orange is the more attractive than the other two. low end torque is good. Engine is smooth and the sound from the exhaust is music to the ears. I found the suspensions a bit hard, service centre guys said that once driven for some odd kms it would set in properly. Pillion riders will find it difficult sitting behind cos the 2 guard rails are very uncomfortable. Putting bike on side stand is little difficult cos the footrest is a hindrance. Mirrors are ordinary. Removing seat is easy but putting it back on is a bit difficult cos it doesn’t lock into place. Since no chain cover sound of chain is heard while the bike is in motion. Rest the bike is awesome. I am now a yammie fan and so will you after laying your hands on this beauty.

  50. can anyone suggest me changes to be done to make it look more muscular…. other thn mirror

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