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Yamaha FZ16

Yamaha Motor India has decided to rechristen Yamaha FZ15 ahead of its launch in India and has renamed it as Yamaha FZ16. Indianon2wheels brings you the features and specifications of the latest entrant in the competitive 150cc motorcycle segment, Yamaha FZ16.

Yamaha FZ16 features a 153cc air-cooled, carbureted, 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, 2-valve engine, which produces 14 Ps at 7500 rpm and 14 N.m. of torque at 6000 rpm. While the stopping power comes from the 267mm disc brake at front with twin pot calipers and a standard drum brake does the duty at the rear.

Yamaha it seems is looking to sell the FZ16 mainly on the merits of its look, a fact accentuated by not only the rather strange yet eye catching headlight, which flows well with the rest of the body work, but also the 100/80-17 and 140/60-R17 tyre combination, which would catch the imagination of lot of people.

However despite this, Yamaha has managed to keep FZ16’s curb weight (137kgs) similar to the 150cc segment leader, Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i.

Even though we suspect that performance will take a hit due to the rather fat tyres which only help in the looks department, it remains to be seen, how well the FZ16 performs as a complete package.

Yamaha FZ16 technical specifications:

Yamaha FZ16 Engine:
Engine type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Displacement: 153.0cm3
Bore & Stroke: 58.0 × 57.9mm
Compression ratio: 9.5:1
Maximum output: 14PS / 7500 rpm
Maximum torque: 14 N.m / 6000 rpm
Starting method: Electric starter
Lubrication type: Wet sump
Carburetor type: BS26
Clutch type: Constant mesh wet multiplate
Ignition type: CDI
Primary/secondary reduction ratio: 3.409 / 2.857
Transmission type: Return type 5-speed

Yamaha FZ16 Chassis:
Frame type: Diamond
Suspension (front/rear): Telescopic / Monocross
Brake type(front/rear): Hydraulic single disc / drum
Tire size (front/rear): 100/80-17 / 140/60-R17

Yamaha FZ16 Dimensions:
Overall Length × Width × Height: 1,975mm × 770mm × 1,045mm
Seat height: 790mm
Wheelbase: 1,335mm
Minimum ground clearance: 160mm
Dry weight/Curb weight: 126 kg / 137 kg
Fuel tank volume: 12 liters
Engine oil volume: 1.2 liters


  1. yo guys im waiting for new yamaha 125YZFR. FZ and R15 is nothing when compared to this.

  2. Prashant, useful info on fuel adulteration…will be careful. I didn’t know about the litmus paper stuff 🙂

  3. Hi friends
    I am planing for buying bike
    which bike is good apache rtr 160, R15, fz16 or pulsar 200.

  4. hi prashant,
    well i wanna know wat does unleaded gas means… is it out normal petrol?? or something else… cause i have been using normal petrol for my fz16.. will it harm my engine?? reply fast…cause they have said only unleaded fuel only..

  5. himanshu, unleaded petrol is d normal petrol v use… it wont harm d engine of d bike bt high octane petrol lyk speed/xtra premium helps in gettin better performance frm d bike nd also increases mileage a bit… nd i was sayin earlier dat sum petrol stations add solvents in petrol 2 gain profil, such adultrated petrol cn harm ur engine so get ur tank refilled at petrol stations u trust…
    @ RIKIN bro if u want a fast nd technologicaly advanced bike wid unmatched handlein nd brakin den nothin cums closer 2 R15… IF u r lookin 4 a super city performer wid incredible looks nd gr8 handelin den FZ16… While RTR is a overall gud performer nd is capable of sum thrillin engine response (bt its 2 common nd do nt looks gud if a tall prsn sits on it)… P200 is a good byk bt d prblm wid all bajaj bikes is d qlty of fit nd finish… BAJAJ bikes (new 1ce) makes lots of rattlin sound aftr 2 yrs of use so i wont suggest u P200… IF WILLING 2 SHELLOUT 1.10 LAKH DEN NOTHIN BETTER DAN R15 OR FZ16….

  6. hi friend
    thank you for your help
    but in fz16 back sit is to short any option for that.
    i ride both of bike r15 & fz16 that pickup like same. only in breaking sytem is differant when in fz16 back tyre with disc brack its perfomnce is same i thought. Is this right?

  7. Hai all Fz fans,
    am goin to buy this macho bike very soon.
    but iam confused in choosing whch color to buy, wether red or black?
    If iam buying black one, wat all changes i hav to take inorder to make it look more stylish……….

  8. thanks prashant.. :-)… one more querie..while shutting the engine… shud it be with key first and then with button or vice versa??? n my bike goes off when on signal it is switched to 1st gear from neutral..??

  9. LORD OF STREETS says:


  10. himanshu, u cn use d key nd engine kill switch anyway u want. dere is no hard nd fast rule as wat 2 switch off 1st. i guess u r loosin ur grip on ur clutch while changing d gears oder wise dere shud b no such prblm of engine goin off at signals..

    @ dharvish, bro no point in waitin 4 R125 as YAMAHA has no plans 4 bringin dat bike in india. it is only made 4 europian market.. nd even if it cums here sumday (which is nt possible due 2 indian import act of 2 wheelers) it wud cost double dan wat it costs in eurpoe i.e double of R15.. so still want 2 wait 4 dat???

  11. please answer me?????????????fz comfortable for ladies sitting??its back seat is too is hard to sitting ladies in sareeeeeee????????????????

  12. balu, i guess u want 2 get a lady (i mean a woman) 2 sit behind u as a pillion… bt my dear frnd m afraid dat d seat in FZ wont b able 2 accomodate a full size woman wearin a saree… dat wud b 2 uncomfortable 4 d lady if she has 2 go 4 a ride regularly… i suggest u 2 go 4 PULSAR 200… ALTHOUGH U HV 2 MAKE D FINAL DECISION…

  13. Lalit Kawale says:

    Well all heard and said about Yamaha and Honda.But the fact is that Looks wise Yamaha is best but mileage wise Honda is much more better really FZ 16 is giving 32/km/ltr very bad i am not at all liking this guys.I am disappointed…………….

  14. lalit bhai, dis byk is nt made 4 mileage seekin ppl… its a hard core naked byk made 4 fun ridin. honda does return a good fuel efficiency bt doesnt feel lyk FZ16 while riding… both byks though in same catagory, r made 4 different typ of riders…
    FZ 16 is made 4 raw performance nd UNICORN is made 4 regular commuting… u seems 2 b interestd in regular commuter… so UNICORN IS CERTAINLY A GOOD CHOICE 4 U… ALSO LUK AT NEW LAUNCH SAZUKI GS150…

  15. hi
    friends in my city price Rs.66700
    but in this price no accesaries included it s right.
    This is x-showromm price Reply

  16. Hi everyone,

    I wanna purchase a new bike of 150 cc segment, i have shortlisted a few as,
    Unicorn, Hunk, FZ16 and if possible second hand used Bajaj Avenger.
    I want to know what would be the best deal either to go for a new bike or older one?? im bit confused.
    I just expect from a bike it should have good looks, styling and most important good mileage.To be frank i am attracted to FZ16 but i heard from my friends that former two points in the bike are very good but when it comes to later point that is the mileage they say it poor in mileage compared to the other bikes shortlisted by me.

  17. hi guys i have an fz16 imlove it but when i use the front disc it sounds kitkit kina stuff is it normal or should i have it checked??????

  18. hi prashant n other FZ owners…
    my concern is fule meter…. even after filling gas worth Rs. 200 it will show me three lines in indicator… after 20 odd kms it will become one and then after another 10 odd kms it will start blinking..i dont understand tht funda.. how it operates.. ??? pls help me out.. as its too confusing..n when ever we fill gas .. it fills the reserve tank 1st ?? n then normal tank???? if m filling 4 litres in empty tank.. out of tht 4 ltrs 1.75 will go in reserve ?? help prashant sir…

  19. Hi Himanshu,

    u r right. while filling gas, it will first fill the reserve tank and then the normal tank. FZ 16 reserve tank capacity is 1.40 lt btw. The fuel meter behavior that you described is really strange. It is behaving as expected in my case.

  20. hiiiii prashant can v use silencer filter 4 fzeeeeeeeeeee

  21. u r right Himanshu, i have also this problem of gas gadge. And can anyone say about the average of this bike i complete 600 km on it but average 38 to 40 only

  22. hi 2 all my frnds… yes dere is sum prblm wid d fuel meter (its nt a gas gadget)… d readin given in d fuel meter in nt correct…. unfortunately same is d conditin wid all indian bikes havin a digital fuel meter… v hv 2 live wid dis prblm untill sum company comes out wid a better fuel meter… take into alwaz keep in mind how much fuel u hv filled in how much u hv run on it…. best sollution is keep ur fuel over reserve (i.e in main) nd get it refilled wen it gets reserved… take care nd ride safe…

  23. hi,
    i want to modify yamaha fz-16 i want to put silencer n then the bike should sound like YAMAHA FZ-1

  24. hi PASHANT
    pls tel me about the average about fa16 bike i gate only 36-38avg still 650m i ride

  25. Maximum Throttle says:

    FZ16 should have been FZ20 fi 200cc ,20bhp with rear disc brake.

  26. guys i recently bought pulsar 150, it started with avg of 40 till first services,after that 45 and after 2nd service it’ give me 50.
    my point is, that u will get good avg after 2 services . so i think the avg of FZ16 will increase (45-46)

  27. Hi buddies,

    Yaron plz help me i had put a question in last blog plz go thru it n reply to it,
    Hi everyone,

    I wanna purchase a new bike of 150 cc segment, i have shortlisted a few as,
    Unicorn, Hunk, FZ16 and if possible second hand used Bajaj Avenger.
    I want to know what would be the best deal either to go for a new bike or older one?? im bit confused.
    I just expect from a bike it should have good looks, styling and most important good mileage.To be frank i am attracted to FZ16 but i heard from my friends that former two points in the bike are very good but when it comes to later point that is the mileage they say it poor in mileage compared to the other bikes shortlisted by me.

  28. madhukar deeti says:

    anyone wants to buy my FZ16…just 5 weeks old… at 64000/- …. its a big flop bike by yamaha… i have lost faith in it..

  29. hey guys………i got my fz16 before 9 days i m getting the avg of 32 per litr(avg speed was under 50kmh). can anybody tell me tht will it b increase after run and serviceing……….???????

  30. Hi Dosto,

    Please let me know the performance of this bike looking at the mixed response im thinking of going for unicorn now, my friend has purchased a new black engine Unicorn its really smoother than any other compared to Apache and Pulsar.

    Can i any body be kind and reply to my blogs posted earlier.

  31. hi sandip,
    -unicorn is made 4 commuting hence u cnt xpect good performance frm it, bt certainly it has got a smooth engine. company has failed 2 update d bike so it has lost its top spot in 150cc segment long ago…
    -pulsar is a crap so better nt talk abt it…
    -apache is a gud bike bt d engine is bit harsh at higher revs, bt still its a better bike dan unicorn as far as performance, handeling nd overall behaviour is concern…
    – FZ16 is a super performer, looks r best in d country wid spot on brakin nd handelin… dis bike is made 4 serious performance. bike performes xceptionally well at lower rpm so proves as d best bike 4 city use (in 150cc class) bt u ll hv 2 be contained wid a fuel efficiency of around 42-45kmpl…
    – suzuki GS150R (THOUGH U DIDNT MENTION ABT IT) is a gr8 bike if u r lookin 4 good performance wid good mileage. features r good in dis bike nd it also sport a 6 lever gear box (3rd in an indian bike). dis bike may b new bt simply out performance d unicorn even in engine smoothness… so my pic wud be…
    1. YAMAHA FZ16
    2. SUZUKI GS150R
    5. HH HUNK
    (dont look at pulsar nd cbz xtreme)

  32. 2 all frnds who r troubled wid mileage prblm…
    FZ16 can return u a fuel efficieny of around 42-45kmpl max in city (though sum ppl will say dat dey r gettin around 55 or 6o on their FZ) wait till d 2nd servicing of ur bike nd ride it around 5ooo rpm nd a speed of 50kmpl 2 get max mileage… if u r riding it hard den dont xpect more dan 40 kmpl. also c dat u r nt applin 2 much of brakes coz dat affects d mileage… mileage depends on various factors such as traffic, qlty of fuel used, state of d roads, weight of d rider nd pillion,engine tuneing, nd condition of d bike…

  33. @ madhukar deeti…
    bro better u sell of ur bike coz u r nt gud enough 2 use a yamaha product nd if u think dat its a big flop den how can u xpect 64000 4 ur bike, no1 will take a flop product at such a higher cost… so think b4 u write sumthin… take care nd go 4 sum pulsars/hunk… dats sumthing dat wud suit 2 ur liking…

  34. Thanx Prashant,

    But to be frank i don’t prefer Suzuki bikes.Hence GS150 may be a good bike in its segment but i won’t prefer it.
    After reading the blog i talked to Yamaha directly. I heard that they are coming up with a revampification of present FZ16
    The bike is a bit costlier by Rs 2K-3K than present one, they are working on the odometer, headlight area and some other minor logo modifications.The bike has completed the tesitng as well.
    Now i have made up my mind to go for FZ will it be a good time to wait for newer one as the newer version will launched sooner in 2-3 months.

  35. @sandeep,
    dats a good decision bro… i suggested u d name of GS150R if u didnt wanted 2 go wid FZ bt since u hv chosen d best bike frm d lot den sayin anything wud b needless…. njoy ur bike as u get it… drive safe…. RIDE A YAMMIE, B A YAMMIE…

  36. u all pulsarian and honda driver first of all i want to say YAMAHA i think it would be better to say THE GREAT YAMAHA take a name with respect

  37. hi prashant will u pls explain the modification done in fz -s

  38. vivek, bro till nowwat i hv got d info abt FZ-S is dat only cosmeticchangeshv been doneon it… u ll get all newrange of colours ndu ll also get a windshield… it wud interesting2see weder YAMAHA has done sum improvement on its digital meter… else FZ-S looks cool nd good reason 4 all YAMAHA fans coz now dey hv more range of FZ 2 choose frm….

  39. thanks prashant

  40. prashant can u tell me y does fz skid even at normal braking

  41. FZ skiddin???? now dat sounds strange… r u sure dat u r applyin d brakes properly chris??? u cn go n check d allinment of d rear tyre if u really feel FZ skiddin… ya drear tyr makes strange sounds while applin d brake (bcoz of its surface area is more nd d sound is due 2 d friction)… nd apply both d brakes 2geder bro… alwazremember dat d rear brake is jst a support 2 d front disk but applyin d disk brake only cn cause a lot of damage 2 u on high speeds… nd pull d cluch at d fag end of ur brakin, it helps d bike2 stop quickly nd avoids skidin…

  42. Hi Prashant, small query… my FZ has done 4000 kms but top speed i’m getting is only 106kmph. throttle is at the max but speed is only 106, where as in reviews it has been mentioned that 120 to 130 was getable. any idea what to be done???

    Also FZ-S, do you know what all modifications have been done????

  43. 130 kmph is certainly nt possible on FZ nd those who claim dat eider boost abt dem or hv a faulty speedo. try d crouch position while riding at top speeds, jst bend down on d tank as much as possible, check d air pressure of ur tyre when cold, nd make sure dat u dont have a pillion sittin… u ll certainly get over 110 nd dats d top speed of d bike… nd tell me if u hv ridden ur bike as per suggested in d book till 1st 1000 km??? how many services u hv done???
    all d mods on FZ-S are only of cosmetics… u ll get new colours nd a windshield wid a not good lookin headlight… my opinion is dat FZ16 looks better dan FZ-S…

  44. Prashant, as per manual the 1st 1000 kms b/w 40 n 50 kmph. Till now 2 services completed. Tyre pressure is right but top whack of 106, little on the slower side, pick up is xlnt but speed….. What abt the FZ-S console, any mods in that????

  45. u ll certainly see a better top speed aftr 3rd servicin… nd no info abt d console… i ll let u know in a day or 2… hope d fuel meter prblm is sorted out…

  46. i don pressd clutch while brakin but sumtimes d rear trye jus skidz even on dry surface should i apply d brakes slowly

  47. HAPPY HOLI 2 all frnds over here…
    chris bro, never apply brakes hard… pull in both d brakes at d same tym (or d rear one 1st 2 prevent skids)… take care nd ride safe…

  48. Hi Prashant,

    As you said rightly to romi regarding the looks of FZ-S it not so much of attractive, well i am gonna go with the older FZ and not the newer.
    I had one query, when we will ride this bike( old FZ) in rainy season whether it will splash the water to riders back???
    One more i know this is a kid of a racing bike but then why Yamaha have not provided the Kickstart option to this bike?? Is there anything special abt the battery or is there any kind of a indication to the rider when to charge so that even if bike needs to be started i won’t be a problem.

  49. @ sandeep-
    bro rainy season leaves no shirt tidy if u r a biker no matter which bike u ride… FZ16 wud b no xception 2 it, it has wide rear tyre nd d mud guard is nt fat enough 2 protect u frm d mud dat will splashed on u frm d rear tyre bt jst think of those who r proud owners of a sports bike wid ultra wide tyres nd minimum rear mud guard… so 4 me its nt actually a big prblm…
    nd abt d absence of a kick start indicates dat things r changing in d indian market as changed in developed foreign markets… big super bikes never sport a kick start, this also indicates dat d company is absolute certain abt d battery dat it is supplin wid d bike… FZ16 was launched at d start of winter nd dats actually d tym when d baqttery is tested as its difficult 2 start d bike when d engine is cold nd no problem was found in self start so u cn easily rely on stock batteries.. nd FZ16 is nt d only bike in market widout a kick start… so jst chill nd get ur new bike…

  50. i heard tat pulsar 180,200,220 are upgraded…also rtr 180 is abt to it true? can any one explain the changes?

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