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Yamaha FZ16

Yamaha Motor India has decided to rechristen Yamaha FZ15 ahead of its launch in India and has renamed it as Yamaha FZ16. Indianon2wheels brings you the features and specifications of the latest entrant in the competitive 150cc motorcycle segment, Yamaha FZ16.

Yamaha FZ16 features a 153cc air-cooled, carbureted, 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, 2-valve engine, which produces 14 Ps at 7500 rpm and 14 N.m. of torque at 6000 rpm. While the stopping power comes from the 267mm disc brake at front with twin pot calipers and a standard drum brake does the duty at the rear.

Yamaha it seems is looking to sell the FZ16 mainly on the merits of its look, a fact accentuated by not only the rather strange yet eye catching headlight, which flows well with the rest of the body work, but also the 100/80-17 and 140/60-R17 tyre combination, which would catch the imagination of lot of people.

However despite this, Yamaha has managed to keep FZ16’s curb weight (137kgs) similar to the 150cc segment leader, Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i.

Even though we suspect that performance will take a hit due to the rather fat tyres which only help in the looks department, it remains to be seen, how well the FZ16 performs as a complete package.

Yamaha FZ16 technical specifications:

Yamaha FZ16 Engine:
Engine type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Displacement: 153.0cm3
Bore & Stroke: 58.0 × 57.9mm
Compression ratio: 9.5:1
Maximum output: 14PS / 7500 rpm
Maximum torque: 14 N.m / 6000 rpm
Starting method: Electric starter
Lubrication type: Wet sump
Carburetor type: BS26
Clutch type: Constant mesh wet multiplate
Ignition type: CDI
Primary/secondary reduction ratio: 3.409 / 2.857
Transmission type: Return type 5-speed

Yamaha FZ16 Chassis:
Frame type: Diamond
Suspension (front/rear): Telescopic / Monocross
Brake type(front/rear): Hydraulic single disc / drum
Tire size (front/rear): 100/80-17 / 140/60-R17

Yamaha FZ16 Dimensions:
Overall Length × Width × Height: 1,975mm × 770mm × 1,045mm
Seat height: 790mm
Wheelbase: 1,335mm
Minimum ground clearance: 160mm
Dry weight/Curb weight: 126 kg / 137 kg
Fuel tank volume: 12 liters
Engine oil volume: 1.2 liters


  1. I’ve observed that FZ 16 has some issue with the neutral gear. Being in first gear, if you try to switch to neutral (Engine on; standing at one place) it doesn’t come to neutral easily. It directly jumps to gear 2. But if you simple stroll the bike ahead a little from its place, it, at times, gets to neutral. Or there can be a more easy way – I switch off the bike in gear 1 and then shift to neutral. It works flawlessly!!

    Is this a known problem? anybody else observed this? or this is happening only with my bike due to some wrong settings !!

  2. hey guyz….
    fz is a complete bike and has no problem…full satisfaction bike…
    also it’s topspeed is 115+kmph approx as ihav driven 116
    i jus want to know bout iridium plug and synthetic oil…
    cn anybody help wid dat?

  3. @ vivek-
    -a fi version of pulsar 200 is supposed 2 cum. bt when? bajaj has alwaz been preety lazy in bringin d bikes even aftr announcing abt d bike in public.
    -pulsar 220 may cum in a complete chrome body (seems completely in practicle bt still cn make it an interesting bike 2 look at)
    -no news abt pulsar 180…
    -lots of speculations has been made abt apache rtr 180 bt no official words till now… so guess it wud take sum tym 4 plans 2 get on d floor…
    – in all d above bikes pulsar 200’s fi version cn b seen soon (only if bajaj wakes frm its sleep nd stop delayin d things)
    -bt my fav upgrade wud hv been a fi version of HH KARIZMA wid a much sporty riding position bt HH has simply lost its mind nd when u talk abt upgrading a bike they simply make some non sense cosmetic changes in their bike nd try 2 fool d customers…

  4. hiiiiii guyzz i have fz-16 in jan23 for the first one month i used to drive arpund 40 to 50 once i finished my first servies i started driving like i wanted…………….well let me tell u advantages and disadvantages ok……… has a really good look and from back view u will really like like it
    2.its pickup is good many of them says it reaches 0-60 in 5.08 sec and they say pulsar 180 goes 0-60 in 4.80 seconds and apache too…….. well me went race with pulsar 180 guess wat pulsar 180 cant beat this bike pickup is good i can grant u that u can beat pulsar 180 and rtr easily…… just want go with pulsar 200
    3.speed ya good in city u can reach 100 easily then any other bike i know………
    4.road grip is really good u can drive as u like without falling…..
    5.stunningly no other bike comes with extra gadgets as thiis bike do in india u can chage this colour easily u must buy a kit worthy rs.2800 regarding which colour u want……and also yamaha launchs a new kit has brake lever,disc oil cap and many enige parts in gold plated metals which give u bike a really awsome look but this full kit is too much costly is 15,000 but u can buy spaertly hs which u like……………

    disadvantage:1.many disadvantage is its speed top speed is 115 only this not liked by many.
    2.the whole bike is made up wiht plastic material so u can easily put a scrach but u can change it easliy with part buying……
    only this 2 disadvantages i found for me if u ride in city much this bike is the best but if ride outcity much and want speed r15,or 220 or 200 or rtr like that………..these all information i gave is truth and fully tested and not telling for me before u buy check again for urself………..

  5. @ Gaurav
    i have also absove this problem. & also some time in gear change voice is more than normal.

  6. @ ash
    i dont think dat d iridium spark plug 4 FZ is avialable in market.. synthetic oil in is ifferent frm mineral oil as dere r sm chemicles added in it… it helps d engine 2 sustain in xtreme temp 9 (both in heat nd cold). it is a bit thin so gets in easily in d engine nd allows d engine 2 work properly. chances of engine break down reduces as u use synthetic oil in ur bike/car…

    @ amar
    boss FZ16 is a naked street fighter… dese knd of bike r made keepin d lower nd mid rev response i mind… top speed in dese kind of bikes r nt n issue… dese r hard core street bikes whis gives brilliant response at lower revs nd sum superb handelin id gud balance…
    regarding ur colour change funda, let me tel u dat u cnt do dat as per d RTO rules… u ll hv 2 inform d RTO B4 changin d colour of ur bikes or u cn get in trouble if sum cop (sensible) catches u…
    dere is lot of plastic used in dis byk d give it all d curves nd musceles (nt possible in metal tanks)…
    so when on highwaz dont try 2 get in race id guys on rtr, p200/220, karizma nd most importantly R15…

  7. hi prashant.
    first of all thanks for ur information… father is 51 yrs old .He is having neck pain &back pain…. his hyt is 169cm….currently he is using super splendour….i want to buy him a byk with monosuspension…….R15 will not suit him…..unicorn does not have any special features according to its worth….i donno y honda is not implementing current trends in indian byk market…..will fz16 suit him…if not suggest me a suitable byk…wat about suzukigsr150…….

  8. hi prashant bhai,

    i have one fear in my mind ,i had raised this question previously also i’ll repeat it again, this bike has no kickstart option, if the bike gives problem in cold starting OK one can give a choke,but if there is stater problem , then how one will manage to start the bike???
    What abt the average of the bike, now that u are also a owner of FZ i hope, what is the average of your bike???
    These are the only concerns for me regarding the bike. My incentives are going to get me next month hence bike i will be purchasing in APR.

  9. @ vivek
    1st of all i ll suggest ur father 2 avoid usin 2wheelers as much as he can due 2 d problems u mentioned in ur qstn… tell him 2 avoid usin bikes 4 shorter distances where he can easily walk through nd also at long streches…
    now straight 2 ur qstn…
    -R15 will certainly nt suit as d sitting position is 2 sporty nd dat wud add on more complications 2 his prblms…
    -unicorn is still a good bike if only he is goin 2 use it (though no upgrades disaapoints d customers)
    -FZ16 is a good bike nd d sitting position is also comfortable, it has got d mono suspension nd d front shockers r also up 2 d mark, if ur father doesnt have n issue wid its looks (as it looks machine 4 spoilt young lads) nd fuel efficiency den go wid it…
    -suzuki gs150r doesnt have a mono suspension bt still d ride qlty is good nd doesnt feel bumpy on bad roads, looks is avg (though SUZUKI thinks dat it has gr8 looks), ya bt u cn b certain abt good mileage… bt it doesnt feel as powerful as other 150 cc bikes…

    so my choice wud b d YAMMIE (if ur father agreese 2 use young lads’ machine) or go 4 SUZUKI…

  10. thanz prashant

  11. @ sandeep…
    absence of kick start might b new in india bt dis trend is more famous across d world nd it works successfully… jst like d bikes, cars also run on engine nd certainly dey dont hv a kick start… its called transformation frm 1 system 2 another… earlier cars used 2 have a leaver right in frnt which had 2 b rotated 2 start d engine bt now it jst needs a switch 2 get it started… d same is happening 2 our indian bikes… though u ll hv d keep certain things in mind:-
    1- keep checkin ur battery
    2-dont leave ur ignition turned on 4 whole night in ur garage by mistake (my bro generally leaves d ignition on bt i guess u r nt an idiot like him)
    3- keep ur spark plug clean
    nd agar phir bhi koi panga hua den get on ur bike nd ask sum1 2 push frm behind (jst jokin, u wont have 2 face prblms like dese)…
    so take no tension abt d startin nd 4 better ignition response switch 2 synthetic oil…

  12. @ sandeesorry bro dati missed out d fuel efficiency qstn… aftr d 3 rd servicing u cn b assued of 40kmpl+ … bt ride ur bike accordin 2 d manual till 1000 kms…

  13. Hi Prashant,

    Ru from Yamaha?
    The way u r endorsing the brand it seems like that.
    Ok anyways thanks for those calrifications, if i need anything i’ll pop up again.

  14. @ sandeep
    no bro m certainly nt frm YAMAHA… d only thing is dat i suggest ppl d best possible thing dey cn buy… if any 1 asks me abt a bike which is mileage oriented i never suggest them 2 go wid a YAMAHA product…

  15. Hi,

    Aise mat bolo yaar “if any 1 asks me abt a bike which is mileage oriented i never suggest them 2 go wid a YAMAHA product…”
    I am expecting my FZ to give me avg atleast 45-50. Tho we are crazy for this bike , it also points some essence of avg from the bike.
    its Ok if the bike gives me an avg of 45 atleast.
    By the way what u do by profession?
    I am going to Yamaha distributor to see the new FZ S today.

  16. sandeep wat i meant dat if sum1 is lukin 4 n avg like unicorn or hunk den i ll suggest dem nt 2 go wid a yamaha product. bhai darasal hota ye hai k ppl hv n misconception abt pulsar150/ unicorn/ hunk dat dese bikes wud return dem a mileage of abt 55-60 kmpl bt take my words, no 150ccbike wud return u a mileage of more dan 50-52 in d normal road nd traffic conditions, still if u ask d owners of dose bikes dey ll say dat their bike is returning a mileage of 60 kmpl nd dats completely rubbish untill u ride ur bikein xtremely suitable conditions 4 riding… dese kind of ppl alwaz complain dat YAMAHA products dont give a gud mileage nd 2 dose ppl i never recomend 2 go wid a YAMAHA… coz dese ppl spoil d name of d company dat has been known 4 makin sum real gud products…
    where r u frm SANDEEP?
    well m a student… seekin admsn in MBA… well i also own a small bike center 4 servicin nd modification… m d co-owner of dat center…

  17. Hi prashant,

    Bhai thanx for telling that Yamaha prem katha.
    I am too die hard fan of Yamaha and Honda (mostly prefer Japanese bikes makers due to their technology and product).
    I am an Mechanical Engg and working in Pune for a MNC.
    Where are u from? what’s ur graduation in???
    Mostly in mid of 1st week of April i am gonna own a FZ 16.
    I saw FZ-s too i think the FZ 16 is more better than the new one.

  18. @ sandeep,
    ya bro, my prem katha wid YAMAHA is of long tym. 1 was 11 (did an illegal stuff) when i rode a RX 100 nd since den i hv been in luv wid YAMAHA… i also had n RD 350 which was simply out of dis world product…. so u cn understand y i luv dis brand dis much, bt m nt biased 2wards dis company… i admire every good product no matters which company it belongs 2…
    i m frm PATNA/RANCHI nd did my BBA frm PUNE….
    nd certainly go 4 FZ16 (not d new FZ-S)….

  19. Hi,

    Yes Sir, the older one is awesome than new one.

    Our incentives are declared sooner will get them too.That’s a good news for me to book a bike sooner.
    Which college you did BBA?
    I am not a localite too, i am from Belgaum /Karnataka, i need to leave my home for job purpose. I have selected black colour as a option.

  20. hiiiiiii friends,
    i bought 1 red fz16……….its handling , balance,comfortable is much better than other bike…………….if u planning 2 buy a bike……….u must go 4 this bike….bcoz u want get like this indian bike again…….

  21. Hello friends!!
    Hey guys I just wanna tell u that this bike is unique as in comparison to other Indian bikes….this is really hot if u go 4 a ride on this cool Fz16 then only u’ll come 2 know that….this is unusual…….so if u guys r planning 2 buy a hottest bike…stop thinking MAN GO n buy this Fz16……..

  22. please help prashant……..
    hey guys my fz is now 1000km old and i hav done 1st serve at 850km.
    before 1st service i was getting the 32kmpl avg and after 1st service it is same…
    second thng is tht my bike is makeing noise like “puck” service centre guys said tht the air presure filter is under the seat tht is why bike makes noice some tym…is it trure……????????
    and the last thng is tht some tym my bike engine get offf when bikes rpm is low…..
    guys plzzzz help yaar i so worried abt my bike……

  23. Hi prashant,

    I have booked FZ16 today , black colour i will be getting delivery by this friday. I am very much excited abt it and can’t wait till friday.I have gone for the older bike FZ16 and not FZs because i feel that the older reminds me the FZ1 looks.
    Pinch me man 😀

  24. Hi,

    And as rightly said by deepti, this bike is unique absolutely i agree with you deepti.
    Now i’ll post comment as i recieve the bike bye till then guys tc

  25. Hi guys, My FZ has just completed 1000 km few days ago and I’m happy to update you that it’s average (after one service) is 45-48 kmpl.

    Initially the gears were little hard and used to hurt the toe (if you put on slippers while roaming near by) but now it has become very smooth like butter.

    I’m also one of the dye heart fan of FZ1 that’s why I like FZ 16 not the new FZ-S.

    Sachin, I’d recommend that you should get the mileage problem checked by the company people. Also, the puck sound is there in case of my bike too. But I used to think it’s because of the tubeless tyres.

    Prashant, whould you like to throw some light on this sound issue?

  26. hi gaurav…….
    my bike making sound frm its silencer yaar……
    and i went to service station yestrday they set my rpm n cheaked my avg at tht tym bike was giving 40kmpl….
    hope it will increse after second service like ur bike….

  27. sorry guys 4 being late on replyin…
    1st of all congrates sandeep 4 dis bike.
    @n deepti- r u d 1st gal in dis forum or a boy whose name sounds like a gal???
    @ sachin, bro d servicing guy is correct, d puck sound frm d silencer id due 2 d air filter being under d seat so dont worry abt dat sound. i guess r rpm in ur bike has been set low dats why its gettin off as u lower d accelerater nd if such is d case it wud lower ur mileagw coz u ll alwaz have 2 keep ur accelerator pullin inorder 2 keep ur engine running… so get ur rpm checked….
    @ gaurav- being a radial tubeless, d tyre will definately make sum funny sounds (even d radial tyres in cars make such sounds)….

  28. hi Prashant…….
    first a fall a ton of thxxxx for ur kind reply…
    i went to service centre n set my rpm again…..
    now my is not making noise so many tymes……n the milage is also improved now…..n bike is not getting off in low accelerotion..
    by take care…..

  29. @ sachin- its all my pleasure bro… keep riding!!!!

  30. Hi guys,

    Finally i am a proud owner of FZ-16, purchased on saturday (5th of Apr).
    Its awesome feeling riding on this bike, really its “lord of streets”. Prash, i would like to know to get a good avg from a bike what should be the speed of my bike and avg speed to ride.
    I am taking this bike to my native belgaum on 25th Apr, and its 350kms. Is it OK to take this bike so long even before 1st servicing???.

  31. @ sandeep-
    congrates bro… u jst made me 2 recall a very sweet thing by callin me prash, my former gal frnd used 2 call me by dis name… nywaz lets get bck 2 ur qstn…
    bro, its nt jst abt d avg speed bt u ll also hv 2 follow d tacho…. ride around 4000-5000 rpm nd wid an avg speed of 45-50… dis wud give u d best mileage…
    ya u cn take ur bike 2 a long ride bt make sure dat u give bit of rest 2 ur engine aftr every 100 km jst 2 cool down… nd i know it might b very temptin 2 ride at d max speed bt still dont go beyond 70 kmph on highwaz… d new engine requires sum time 2 get in2 proper shape 4 free flow running so give dat time 2 ur bike nd get it serviced on time.. take care nd ride safe…

  32. Hi prash,

    I m your frien and not gal ….haha

    Jokes apart , i will take care as u said, but plz do not stop anything related to FZ talks keep always me in loop.
    Thanx for all the support all this period continue the same in future…..:)

  33. very well defined fz16……..the bike that will realy burn the roads of india…i have linked it………


  35. Hi Prash! Speedo console is giving me problems, ie. fluctuations where the speedo lights blink and when running the speedo shows 0 kms and then the speed in which it was running and trip meter is erratic due to which speedo doesnt show properly and once the whole meter went blank and workshop people say that its the sensor in the speedo console which is the issue, meter console had to be changed. have you got this type of error from anyone????

  36. hi Romi, ur bike wud be in warranty, so jst go 2 d service center nd tell dem 2 change d whole console wid cables… ppl hv cum up wid such problems nd it was bound 2 happen…. its d begining of dis all digi console so dere wud be sum problems wid it… dont woory jst get ur console changed and ur bike is in warranty so njoy d new console….

  37. which bike is better?? fzs or fz160. fz160 has 14bhp power wher as fzS has 150cc engine but 17bhp power and 6 gears??

  38. Hi Guys,

    My Fzi is giving me 45 kmpl, this avg is before the first servicing of the vechicle. Hope after the 1st servicing it will increase.
    I have one question, should i do the teflon coating for the bike now.Because i see some small scratches on the tank and fenders of the vehicle.Before doing the coating can i wash the vehicle in service center???, what kind of cloth i should use to wipe daily, and also there is no space for a cloth to place that is the problem.
    Guide me please.

  39. Hi Pras,

    I recieved two messages from Yamaha motors,
    1. Congratulating for being the Yamaha family member with bill nos

    2. Again after 10 days congratulating and this time i have recieved a unique nos. What it this nos
    Have you too recieved this kind of msgs???

  40. @ Ansh – all wrong info u hv received frm sumwhere bro… FZS shares d same engine or rader its identical 2 FZ 16 xcept its new headlight assembly nd paint jobs…. no change in d engine…. so both bikes r d same… what u r actually reffering 2 is R15 wid 150cc engine, 17 bhp nd 6 gears… nd certainly R15 rox as a gr8 raceing machine… (FZ IS A BRILLIANT CITY TOOL)…

  41. @ SANDDEP- bhai u cn go wid d teflon coating nd no probz if u get it washed b4 coatin bt no washin of bike 4 next 1 week… jst whip off d dust wid a proper cotton cloth ( u ll find dem in any super mart or wid local vendors)… it genrally cums in yellow colour nd is very smooth… nd use a sponge while washing ur bike….

    nd d number u got aftr 10 days is ur customer identification number dat YAMAHA keeps wid it…

  42. hi prash,

    The gears of my bike are not that smooth while shifting.
    My bike is consistently giving me 45 avg, and i am happy with it. I presume that it will increase after 1st servicing.

  43. hi prashant…..
    my beast is now 1500km old. but still i havnt cross the speed of 60kmph. when i can do this……????
    second thng is tht still i m not getting the milage more tht 35kmpl……?????
    third and most important thng is tht the noice which comes from the silence like “puck” when i turned my bikes handle to left side ……wht it is…???
    please hepl……
    thxxx in advance……..

  44. hi frnds, sorry 4 replyin late…

    @ sandeep… its strange dat ur gear is nt smooth…. better u show it 2 d service guys… its difficult 4 me 2 sit nd say wats de prob… while ur bike is returning a good mileage…wheneva u getit serviced jst check dat dey set d rpm well, coz dan can lead 2 fall in mileage figure….

    @ sachin, bhai ur beast is all set 2 roar…. go nd unlease d power of ur beast… mileage figure depends on how d roads r, nd how u ride d bike plus get d rpm checked nd see if its nt tuned very high. dat puck sound cums frm d air filter dat is located right under ur seat… so no need 2 worry abt dat…. so jst go nd njoy ur bike nd make sure dat u get it serviced at proper tym…

  45. Hi Pras,

    Well i had a long ride on bike of 400kms from pune to my native last week. The average of my bike is 40 as of now. While returning back i drove my bike at a speed of 80-90kms, i even tried a full throttle once to see the top speed its 112 kms. Now average of my bike is just 36. Is it because of the increasing the speed??? from 60-70 to 80-90???
    This week i am gonna give my bike to servicing, (its first servicing) will there be any improvement in avegrage what speed should i maintain after 1st servicing???
    What is teflon coating??? is it fully scratch resistant, if not what we should go for???
    I had done coating of my bike with 3M solution(coating agent).The person (coating wala) says that even i can do the coating for my bike in home by just applying that solution and soaking bike in sun for 15 mins then wiping it with a soft cloth, he even demonstrated it to me.Is it the correct way to do ???

  46. hey Sandeep…did you mean you went full throttle before your first service? The bike remains in “running in” stage for initial 1000 km …you are not supposed to cross 4500 rpm in this stage (as per user manual) 🙂

  47. gagandeep says:

    hey prashant bhai..plzz help me..i m totally beginner to biking..i hv never owned a bike..but now planning to buy a new one in 150cc..i hv made 3 choices i.e hunk,unicorn, yamaha fz16 of wich i m planning unicorn..i m lukin for low maintainance,good mileage and looks..i also hv stunner @ the back of my mind…plz help me to make a right bugget is around 70k..
    awaiting ur response…

  48. Hey Gaurav,

    I had already completed the 1000 mark but had not done the 1st servicing.I drove my bike full throttle when the meter was around 1100 kms, Now that my bike has completed around 1500 kms, i think it shouldn’t be the cause for it????

  49. PRASHANT says:

    hi sandeep, bro d mileage will go up as u ll get d 1st servicin done nd ya d fall in mileage was due 2 d speed in which u were ridin ur bike… well ur bike hasnt got d 1st servicin so d engines runs bit harsh so d stress on engine reduces d mileage… well its high tym 4 u 2 get ur bike serviced…
    teflon coating is good 4 bike,s body bt it prevents minor scratches nd d most important benifit of teflon coatin is dat ur bike wont loose d shine… nd ya u cn do d polish stuff dat u r doin right now even aftr teflon coatin… make 1 thing sure dat dont wash ur bike 4 nxt 8 days aftr teflon coatin as d coatin gets errupted by water… aftr dat u cn even put ur bike in swimmin pool….

  50. PRASHANT says:

    hi gagandeep,
    unicorn is a good bike bt d only dissapointin thing wid unicorn is dat d bike has only gone through sum graphic changes nd no significant changes have been made in bke… still a good commuter if u cn go wid its looks…
    hunk on other hand has good looks nd again a decent performer bt dont xpect d bike 2 perform brilliantly as d engine frn CBZ xtreme is fitted in hunk nd is also slightely detuned, so if u r lookin 4 d fun factor den hunk is certainly nt 4 u…
    dont go wid stunner as u have sum good choices in 150cc catagory nd u even hv a good budget…
    YAMAHA is known 4 most solid build nd maintance free bikes… FZ is no xception 2 it… looks wise best in country nd is a brilliant performer… haan u cn qstn d mileage part of d bike… u ll nt get any thing beyond 45 kmpl(if ridden well) other wise best product in 150cc catagory…
    another thing dat i wud like 2 add dat few ppl claim their unicorns/hunks/pulsar giving 55 or 6o kmpl mileage bt d fact is dat no 150 cc bike wud return u dat mileage in normal city conditions… so xpect 50 kmpl frm unicorn nd hunk…
    u cn also looks at apache rtr 160… its a good bike…
    my choice-
    1. FZ16/FZS
    2. APACHE RTR160
    3. HH HUNK
    4. UNICORN (nt bcoz its a bad bike bt loosin its hold in d market due 2 better competition)
    i hope dat i hv given u good idea of all d bikes dat u were lookin upto, if u still hv any doubt u cn easily drop ur qstn in dis forum, i ll b happy 2 reply u…

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