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Yamaha planning to bring back RX100!

Yes you heard it right; India Yamaha Motors is planning to bring back the legendary RX100. A motorcycle which not only defined Yamaha as performance motorcycling brand in India and became the best seller for Yamaha, but is even today fondly loved by the motorcycling enthusiasts.

And now, Yamaha is planning to resurrect the legend, albeit in a 4st avatar!

Speaking to the media, Mr. Pankaj Dubey, national business head, India Yamaha Motor, said: “We are working on the lines of the RX 100 and are looking to have something of a similar product for India. It will be early to talk about it but we will come out with a product there. We cannot launch the RX (100) with a two-stroke engine but we are working on a four-stroke version for the bike.”

While we are not entirely sure, how well the 2st enthusiasts will take this news. But we certainly hope that the bike Yamaha comes out with, is in keeping with the spirit of Yamaha RX100 i.e. light, zippy and one hell of a ride…


  1. Yamaha RX100 with 4 stroke 100cc engine is sounding apprehensive, any ways Yamaha is 100% capable to produce miracles out of 100cc mill, lets cross our fingers and hope for the best.

  2. Yamaha is making fool of us
    might be lounch RX100 with crux engine(if remember yamaha’s 100cc flop model).
    RX100 was performance bike. not only looks matter.

  3. Hi good Yamaha is making RX 100, but not 4 strock remembe Yamaha Crux ho No…………………………. Rx 100 two strock PL,s

  4. Remember guys, nowhere does it says that it is going to be a 100cc 4st motorcycle.

    Though Yamaha might just launch that, but I would personally like to hope and wish that they have enough sense to not make a mistake of that sort and what they are actually talking about is a strip down version of Yamaha R15 with slightly detuned liquid cooled engine, light chassis and old school styling i.e. round headlamp etc. and competitively priced.

    Such a motorcycle would really give the Pulsar 220 a run for its money and would be one hell of ride.

  5. @Yogesh,

    It is clearly mentioned in the statement of the Yamaha official that it is going to be a 4-stoke bike and any ways there is no way that we would have a 2-stroke bike on road with current emission norms.

  6. I never said they should or would launch a 2st bike, though if they really want, they can, but it won’t be a economical proposition for the company or its customers.

    What I am hoping for is a slightly detuned R15 liquid cooled engine with the same chasiss but with a light and old school styling.

  7. A 4s RX 100 would be a flop even before launch.
    They can launch a direct injected 2s RX 100, but its success will depend mostly on how it sounds. After all that’s the RX100’s USP, right?

  8. NEW…….YAMAHA……..RX100……. (((( NICE ))))

  9. Its My Dream Bikkkke.Be Soon

  10. Yamaha re-launching RX100 sounds good. Being owned a RX for the last 23 years, I would say that unless it sounds, moves like a 2 stroke RX , just looks will not bring back the old customers to the showroom. If Yamaha can bring in fuel injection on 2strokes to keep pollution as per norms it will be history. If they can’t then they should bring in the SR400 which looks like a big RX, royal classic looks which can even get some of the loyal RE customers as well.

    Either case bring back the classics, we love them

  11. i love rx100 bring back soon yamaha quick………..!!!!
    do ur best don’t change the look of rx100

  12. Hahaha .. rx100 with a 4 stroke engine! .. I’m sorry but they will kill this legend..

    In which case, please dont try and resurrect the RD 350.. i dont think anyone would want a 4 stroke RD.. sheesh

  13. Being owned a RX-100 last 14 years, I would like to say, if it is possible to bring back with a 2stroke engine cosidering the pollution norms then it will be a legend again.

  14. new rx 100 is very nice i would like this

  15. i am very happy for re-launching yamaha rx100.hope that the new rx100 will beat the herohonda and bajaj bikes, and it will stands the worlds no1 youth bike . plz dont change its look and i also hope that the new rx100 comming with disk break , speedo metre with fuel level indicator,and with supersonic beating….

  16. rx 100… hmmmmmmm plz i beg yamaha to launch it again… my uncle owns a rx 135 n i love riding it.. if ny thing has a label called yamaha i will close my eyes n ride on it…. i jst got a new yamaha fazer… bt still i miss the rx feeling…. rx is such a sucessfull bike.. go and try to buy it from some one who has it.. evn after 20 years people are not ready to sale it..they jst say my bike jst runs on petrol and love.. n zero maintanence… petrol daalo n chaltey rheo.. n chaltey rheo.. he says i don’t even go to a service centre any mre… i change my engine oil my self.. n oil filter.. last time he went to service centre was 5 years back tht to change the type.. way to go yamaha… jst love it.. zoooo zooooo zooo zoooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. rx 100 is always my first is so good to hear that yamaha is planing its relaunch.but yamaha should remember that rx100 is a different type of bike they should not launch any bike with name of rx100.i will definatly buy new rx100 if it satisfied with its pickup and perfomance the same we got from old rx100

  18. can we fix the back gear in any motor cycle of 4-stroke engine

  19. yes yamaha plsease give new technologly to the rx100 . make it better this time 😉

  20. Good news ……. With doubtfull dream.
    It ll be 4st.
    But If it ll be same look same engine firing & pickup, it will capture whole market.

  21. I.M. Aonok says:

    Hey, I’m game for a 150-180cc, 4 stroke bike in the RX100 mould. Modern engine and mechanicals with retro looks. I think there’ll be a lot of takers for such a bike if the pricing is right(Rs.50,000-60,000/-). Maybe Yamaha India should gauge public opinion with a prototype in one of the auto-shows.:)
    There’s a huge fan-following of the RX100 in the country and who knows, given the right mix of performance and price, anything can happen.

  22. Hey! listen all you friends, RX 100 should be relaunched in the old 100 cc segment but with more horse power, same looks but muscular, this time the rpm should be increased, with a bold looking silencer that sounds like the older version, valves should be increased in numbers from 2 to 4, & last but not the least we memorise the RX 100 as a performance bike with great pick up so for the new RX 100 mileage should not be considered over its power.
    thank you.

  23. I’ve one of it, the best thing in it is its sound YAMAHA RX-100 ROAR ON ROAD May the new avtar be the same with powerful engine and high cc! but no compromise with its sound.!!!!

  24. waiting to hear the roar of YAMAHA RX100.

  25. very good desi…… gate back rx100
    wat a sexy bike

  26. pls launch RX with 2 stroke.because its ”roaring” sound is gr8.then it will success….!

  27. Mohammed Ammar says:

    I’l be first one to book it if it a same old power.

  28. kaustav biswas says:

    please launch yamaharx100 2stroke bike. customer like this bike for use. rx100 market is very high. my 9231633735

  29. yamaha is superb but please launch fast we all waiting too seee RX-100 model . but not the crex

    if it is in 4 stock also no probs but it should be same as the old model .

  30. plz continue ur production of yamaha rx-100 and bring them back into the market

  31. yaar is me kuch change bina launch karo,i like this bike
    plz yamaha launch a old version of that sirf ek self daal dena

  32. Shiva Shankar says:

    I am eagerly waiting for yamaha RX100 with four stroke bike

    please please lanunce it as soon as possible.

    From january 2010 u people told it will be launched soon but til now not yet launced , almost 2yrs over. so please launch it as soon as possible. many people are still more crazy on Yamaha RX bikes

  33. Naresh Vadithya says:

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyy….. please yar iam eagerly waiting for RX100… On road rx100 with girlfriend….. please plsssssssssssss

  34. first of all i would like to say that RX 100 was a great success of past, if u wanna launch it again den plzzzzzzzzz dont ever change its nativity, let it be the old RX 100, and i will buy it even it is
    more than 1 lakh rupees

  35. The legendary RX 100 is a great looking bike, re-lauching the bike in a new version is great idea , if they are thinking of giving a 100 cc 4 stroke engine to the bike then they have to slightly increase the cc of engine to 135 cc to give same power of 100 cc 2stroke, the look should never be altered especially the silencer it should not be telescopic, it should look like catalytic converter silencer of a RX 135 new model. any i request the yamaha people to do it fast.

  36. Booom boooom booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom sound makes yamaha RX 100 guys wat ever its 2 stroke or 4 stroke it should be with a better sound.

  37. in chennai so many bikes r there

    my best bike yamaha

    y means yamaha bike r light weight and correct height riding persons and for race performance very good that way i yamaha bike very much i say yes yamaha

    and i think i want say one thing

    fist genration

    yamaha rx 100 made by japanense technology

    my friend yamaha rx 100 i ride 6 to 7 seconds god peformance 100 km

    second genaration

    yamaha has lanched

    first time in india racing bike

    is yamaha yzf r15 my dream bike i not ride that bike so i want to ride bike is very cost what can i do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    yamaha is best bike i tell to my friends yamaha bike is best

    one thing i want to first of all yamaha bike r made in japan

    y now in india

    it wishs


    i say yes yamaha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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