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Yamaha to sell spare parts for RX100 and RD350

News that is sure to cheer up thousands of Yamaha RX 100 and RD 350 fans in India, Yamaha Motor India is planning to provide genuine spares for these motorcycles in a bid to regain customer confidence.

Yamaha Motor India CEO and Managing Director Yukimine Tsuji told the media, “We are talking to the vendors for providing spare parts even for our older bikes, like RX 100 and RD 350, to win back the confidence of our customers.”

Yamaha is also planning to invest Rs. 240 crore in 2010-11 on developing more than two new India specific models and is aiming for 600 dealers by 2010.


  1. Haresh Prusty says:

    I am searching for the original bore & pistonYamaha Rx 135, Please suggest us where I can get it

  2. i need rx-100 silencer og…..

  3. first of all thanks to Yamaha India Motor CEO for announcing for most glorious relaunching of King Of Road bike’s Spare parts.
    I am waiting to ride my X-feeling, my Dear my speed Yamaha RX100, japan Engine.

    I need a Yamaha RX100 Original Piston Cylinder Kit.

  4. Hi friends am one of your team-mate and the lover of yamaha rx series so send mail to [email protected] to again start the production for RX series plz do the needful for all the yamaha fans and clubs

  5. am very happy ,,,,,tanks plz infom mor details for r350 ,,,9895876345

  6. Raj ur right i am also listening this same news since 2 to 3 years. Logic is that in india most of the states has banned 2 stroke bikes. So why they will allow to reproduce the spares of 2 stroke bikes…..think guys think…………guys u also think that u may have heard many news in the past like yamaha india is reproducin RDs and RX 100 and all the fake news…………nothing hp…………so guys wanna say u one thing this is a fake new………….first make a calculation how many RDs are in INDIA ? Y will a company make new spares fr limited bikes? see guys ur having logical questions by me just think abt it…………dnt get excited…….frankly telling it a fake news

  7. And if u guys really want original RD spares…………one of my frd has a room full of original RD spares……… my frd on 9860223135 mohsin his name is and he is frm pune

  8. hi i heard a news that yamaha plan to sell the spares, if it is true lots of RX and RD lovers will be Happy, We proud to be a YAMAHA Owner.

  9. No Indian state as per my knowledge, has banned 2 Stroke two wheelers. They have simply been phased out, because they weren’t able to meet the current emission norms. This too is only applicable to new motorcycles, there is no law as of now, which stops an old vehicle from playing in any state of India, provided it is able to comply with the emission norms which are pretty relaxed for older vehicles.

  10. yogesh bro i dnt want to make any arguments……… i will wait fr ur words to be completed…………i wanna see when will yamaha will launch RD 350 spares fr sale in market……….no personal fights with u bro………..just wanna tell that i have heard this news 3 years back……….bt still no action has been taken………rest i dnt want any issues……… i will wait and see if ur right or wrong

  11. Mac, I too am disappointed that no new news has yet come on this, despite Yamaha management having acknowledged it initially.

    As for my earlier comment, I was only making you aware of the fact that there is no ban on two stroke technology in India. Government has only imposed emission norms, which the earlier two strokes could not meet and hence were phased out.

    Two wheeler companies in India can easily launch a motorcycle/scooter with 2st engine, provided it is compliant with the current emission norms. In fact as per my knowledge, Bajaj currently sells a 2st three wheeler and TVS too sells Scooty, which too is 2st.

  12. hi am staying bangalore….. i am interested in buying yamaha RD350cc with in 50,000 if any please send with photo to this mail id [email protected]

  13. hi yogesh, how ru, i am frm pune, where ru frm and wts ur email id, and as per previous comment actually bajaj has 2 stroke 3 wheelers, bt government has made a rule to use CNG and not to use 2 stroke petrol and abt the TVS sccooty is almost in extinction stage and they sell sccooty pep as it is four stroke, latest sccooty which is 2 stroke has less emition norms as per the old vechiles,,,,,,leave this topic bro………….i dnt want any argument, we could be frds and if u need any spares fr RD 350, i have brand new and used ones and OE and local ones, everything i have and i have vintage bikes also. so let me knw if u need anything

  14. IF anybody needs RD 350 spares email me on [email protected]

  15. so where do we get these spare parts, is it all talk, when is yamaha India planning to give these spare parts to the RX & RD riders, waiting eagerly for RD sprare parts.
    [email protected]

  16. shamsudheen says:

    i am very much happy to here it. it is wonder.I am looking for yamaha rx100 seat.
    thank u.

  17. Mrigendra Mainkar says:

    @ Yogesh n Mac…uall r rite…Probably yamaha is jus tryin to create a so called hype (Hegde) with this news abt makin spare parts again…refer to my earlier comment dated almost a year ago n i still aint got no news abt the availabilty of parts. Catch me on Fb. Mrigendra Mainkar. N wats the deal with emission norms anyways…? We have more than a million bajaj riks which come no where to close to complying with the current (or even previous emission norms for that matter). What the hell is another batch of approx 50 odd rds gonna do to the climate…??? I aint against curbing pollution but lookin at stats a few rds aint gonna harm no one…

  18. hi guys…………i have many RD 350 spares with me. i will mention some parts below.

    1 Brand new HT blocks with ART pistons (Original)
    2 Brand new HT heads (original)
    3 HT and LT silencers 3 pairs ((original)… See More
    4 Petrol tank with original paint and stickering
    5 Fibre clucth plates (original)
    6 Pressure plates (original)
    7 Rear Mud gaurd (original)
    8 Carrier
    9 Art pistons (original)
    10 gauzen pin and gauzen pin bearing (original)
    11 Brand new Carbs
    12 Used Ht heads
    13 Escorts RIM (original)
    14 Tachometer cable (original)
    15 clucth cable (original)
    16 Indicators (original)
    17 Indicators lense (original)
    18 Seat lock (original)
    19 Ignition lock (original)
    20 switch set (original)
    21 front and rear drum or hub (original)
    22 clutch bell (original)
    23 clutch center (original)
    24 point assembly (original)
    25 Crank (original)
    26 Crank case (original)
    27 Gear box (original)
    28 Oil tank (original)
    29 Side panel (original)
    30 Wiring harness (original)
    31 Rectifeir (original)
    32 Iginition coils (original)
    33 points (original)
    34 point cam (replica or duplicate)
    35 Brake shoe (original and replica also)
    36 wheel bearing (SKF)
    37 crank bearing (SKF)
    38 Air filter (Replica or duplicate)
    39 Sleeved Ht blocks
    40 Carbs rebuild material (like main jet,slow jet, air screw etc)
    41 Alpha toyo orange reflectors
    42 Front shockers complete
    43 T-set
    44 Rear shockers
    45 Spokes
    etc etc etc and many more spares which i am unable to remember………so plz order ur list on 9860223135

  19. hey mac where are u based in do u have a shop or somthing??

  20. mac do u clutch plate and carbarator for rd 350????

  21. hey apple i am based in pune and i dnt have any shop, once i had 13 RDs in past… i sold of all…………now only spares are remaining which needs to be sold off……………if u need any spares do let me knw

    Hello sine, yes i do have clutch plates and carbs fr RD 350……….just call me on 9860223135 for prices and details

  22. all the original indicators sold out

  23. Hi Mac,
    How much would you expect for the complete parts on one go? I may be interested if this is a decent price. could send me a message on [email protected]


  24. 1 Brand new HT blocks with ART pistons (Original)……….SOLD

  25. Ravishankar says:

    Had spoken to the Marketing Director of Yamaha. Yamaha would not be able to revive the spares for RD350CC

  26. Hi mac
    i am also living in pune
    i have RX100 and RX135 both
    Can u suggest me best mechanic for Yamaha in PUNE?
    who was u r mechanic in PUNE??

  27. hey mac how much are u chargin for the ht heads n also art pistons let me know on [email protected]

  28. Hi,
    The news on RD spares to be sold nby Yamaha is false. Yamaha has no plans. I spoke to the top guy in Yamaha

  29. iam using rx100,model-88 and all currently runs. i need bure cylender kit etc… all yamaha original spares…..

  30. 2 Brand new HT heads (original)……….SOLD
    6 Pressure plates (original)………….SOLD
    7 Rear Mud gaurd (original)…………..SOLD
    8 Carrier…………………………..SOLD
    15 clucth cable (original)……………SOLD

  31. hiii
    am having a 97 model rxz
    i need 2 rebuild it
    where do i get all the spares including the beeding set in visor…. Cntct 9995442206

  32. Is this news for real about the Rd-350 spare genuine spare parts?????

  33. Hi,

    I am looking for a good Yamha RX100 mechanic and place to find original spare parts for it In Delhi or Noida


  34. Why can’t YAMAHA motors bring back the RD 350 ? When there is a demand available whats the issue ! Today’s engg are much advanced and with little design changes, keeping the legacy design ex: (Disk braking system, Alternator, a modified Clutch plate, Gas shockers and a centralized ECU for optimum power and fuel economy) for sure its going to a HIT. Its time YAMAHA brings back the confidence of their customers in terms of support.

  35. hey mac, hi i hav RX100_1986 model. i m serchng 4 gud mechanic in pune as well as for original silencer for my RX100 if u hav silencer plz plz plz let me know…[email protected]

  36. I have rd spares contact 9886020587

  37. DEAR BROTHERS PLEASE NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT PARTS CAUSE THE NEWS IS TRUE FOR YAMAHA RX 100 & rd 350 owners ,we will get on this month end the letter to all leading show rooms from yamaha company already given & i have seen it but one thing showroom will take order & supply parts after advance only,so please rush to your nearest showroom & ask for rd & RX PARTS I AM SO HAPPY TO GIVE THIS NEWS,RAJ VIZAG A.P



  40. If you are in Chennai, You can contact the best RD350 mechanic Mr Saravanan # 09884187677. He has shop at Ellaimman Koil Street, besant Nagar( lane Next to Hotel Ponnuswamy). My personal Experience

  41. Hi Iam looking for RX 100 original Bore Piston and Crank Kits and also a japan carbourator to replace my existing bike. It has a gr8 milage after reboring for 2 times 35kmpl. Its a 20 YR model.1990. hence please help me in getting the listed sparea.

  42. darshan lokeshhassan says:

    i want see the tdr 350 bike urgently

  43. Hey guys I own a 1992 yamaha rx100 which is in dire need of an engine rebuild. I live Patiala Punjab and I contacted my Yammy dealer yesterday they told me that RX100 spares are readily available but due to the festive season at hand shipping immediately would be a bit of a drag so it would be better if I place my order after diwali. I was so excited that finally I can start rebuilding my rexy with original yammy parts 😀 I will keep you guys posted with any updates from the dealer after diwali.

    Cheers guys! Keep riding your rexys they are the best machines we’ve ever come across 😀

  44. Hi I am looking for RX 100 original Bore Piston for my bike. I am from Bhubaneswar. Please help me.


  46. Jignesh Patel says:

    Dear Friends,
    Please let me know where should I get yamaha RX-100 Original block piston?
    Please reply me on 9879732295

  47. Dear Friends, I hv 1990 RX100 I need original Bore kit & Crank Kits Please sugggest….

  48. my RX100 give me 35kmpl as on date. i hv been riding from 28th sept’2000 till date woithout any repairs to the engine. Guys can v become a group.

  49. Ravishankar says:

    Hi Yammy friends,
    For servicing your RD350 CC & Yamaha rX 135/100, the best knowledgable mechanic at Chennai is:
    Mr Saravanan, Elaiamman oil Street, Adyar, Chennai-20 ( Behind Hotel hotel Ponnuswamy Hotel).
    His contact No : 09884187677.He knows the job very well.This is mM personal Experience.

  50. hiiiiii…………. MAC HOW R U …..

    have you rd-350 full cylinder kit O.E with connecting rod ,gauzen pin and gauzen pin bearing (original)

    plz help at less price….

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